Tropical Thunder

By Lynn Lieu

Posted September 2, 2010 in Eats

With over 100 dishes, Green Mango Thai Bistro in Rancho Cucamonga serves up fine dining in a casual atmosphere, while sticking to authentic recipes and décor.

Brightly decorated with objects collected from the motherland, Green Mango offers an authentic experience. You don’t have to dress up for Green Mango—the restaurant dresses up for you. Green Mango even has an area set up as a traditional Thai dining room with low tables and floor mats instead of chairs. But—for the comfort of its patrons—this room has floor holes under its tables for leg room.

And the décor is just like the recipes: authentic, but with a few modern twists. The restaurant offers 107 dishes for dinner and small plates for lunch. With its quick service and friendly staff, Green Mango has earned respect from the business lunch crowd. For dinner the restaurant serves up large plates, each enough to serve a party of two or three.

As a starter, Green Mango’s Sampler Plate, a combination plate with chicken or beef satay, vegetarian spring roll and sweet potatoes served with three dipping sauces (peanut, sweet and sour and a combination of both sauces), is a perfect example of the restaurant’s style: mixing the traditional recipe of satay and spring rolls with a modern Thai recipe of sweet potato fries; crispy sweet potatoes prepared with a coconut batter. The satay dishes, both beef and chicken, have an underlying taste of curry, but the chicken goes better with the peanut sauce. The spring rolls are of the traditional Thai style unlike the sweet potatoes, which can only be found at Green Mango.

One of the traditional items Green Mango serves up best is the Panang Seafood dish. Unlike most Thai restaurants that use a prepared powdered Panang curry mix, Green Mango makes its own. In its seafood dish, the restaurant’s Panang red curry is coupled with coconut milk and kafir leaves (a type of sorghum) to create a stew for its seafood mix including mussels and shrimps. The curry is fairly overpowering and works well with another dish like the Pineapple Fried Rice, another traditional recipe of fried rice with chicken, prawns, garlic, onions bell peppers, pineapple, raisins and cashews served in a pineapple half shell.

Other traditional plates include Pad Thai, complete with a sweet peanut sauce and perfectly cooked noodles; the Angry Chicken, served with a side of steamed rice and perfect for the spicy food lover; and the Grilled Beef Salad, a twist on a light salad with a sour vinaigrette.

Green Mango also serves two traditional desserts: Fried Banana with Ice Cream and Sweet Coconut Sticky Rice with Mango. And to pair something refreshing with your meal, the restaurant offers the regular soft drinks and traditional Thai teas along with authentic Thai beers: Singha and Chang. The Singha is a lager with a light fruity fragrance where the Chang is more full-bodied and smooth.

Where most Thai restaurants stop at traditional cuisine, Green Mango Thai Bistro goes the extra step to offer a traditional experience with an updated twist in a casual setting, remaining true to authentic recipes while exploring with a few modern adjustments.

Green Mango Thai Bistro, 11226 4th St. Suite 102, Rancho Cucamonga, (909) 987-8885; Mon-Thurs 11AM-3PM, 5-9:30PM; Fri 11AM-3PM, 5-10PM; Sat 11AM-10PM, Sun noon-9:30PM. AE, D, MC, V.


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