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Posted September 2, 2010 in Feature Story

The show that is turning heads, for both its great storylines and its attention-to-detail portrayal of its historic setting, is Mad Men. Holding its rank as a viewer-loved, critically-acclaimed production, Mad Men depicts the politics and business of an advertising agency during the 1960s. This candid look into the homes and workforce of half-a-century prior allows viewers to take notice of the differences and similarities between now and then.


Sure the “glass ceiling” will never be as low as it was back then, but one thing is certain; 1960s fashion have been brought into the new millennium. The show’s wardrobe is one of Mad Men’s distinctive features. This trend is all about displaying a sense of conservatism while at the same time creating a form-fitting style. For the men, expect to see more skinny-legged pants and cool toned tailored suits to ultimately accentuate the masculine physique (you have been working out, right?). Excessive, baggy and bulky suits are a thing of the past. Also adding to the hot new trend is the firmly pressed, signature white-collared shirt, especially when it’s paired with the eminent skinny tie, cuff links and tie clip—you’ve probably witnessed this ensemble more than once on the cover of GQ. And it’s there for a reason.


As for the ladies of Mad Men, their wardrobe creates appeal by being sexy, yet classy and confident—but not overbearing. In women’s fashion, keep an eye out for soft and vibrant tones, plaid patterns and floral prints. And expect cardigans and high-waisted jeans to get a share of the limelight. History might be repeating itself, but it’s looking crisp and classy.


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