Crimson Craze

Posted September 2, 2010 in Feature Story

Hot. Bold. Passionate. Fierce. If you want to shake up the scene this season, super vibrant red (we’re talkin‘ Manic Panic caliber) hair is the new fashion statement. Whether you’re rockin‘ the leather like Kat Von D, or just part of the preteen youth in revolt, like “Style Rookie” Tavi Gevinson, red hair will certainly draw all eyes to you. Kat isn’t the only celeb with a fiery case of scarlet fever; Rihanna and Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams seem to have gravitated toward the crimson follicles. But whether you’re sporting a boy cut, a bob, a shoulder-length cut or luscious long locks, adding red to your strands will create a signature—and serious—look. Things to consider: Be prepared for tedious maintenance or your fiery do can turn into a frumpy mess. In order to avoid looking like Wendy or Ronald, make sure to keep a good bottle of conditioner on hand, and be prepared to drop a pretty penny (several) in order to keep your roots away. And while we’ve got hair on the brain, red isn’t the only shocking color making its debut. Katy Perry has been radiating in her electric blue hair while Lady Gaga tangles macaroni-yellow streaks into bleached tresses. Across the pond, Lily Allen has sported a full head of cotton candy pink, while Kelly Osbourne is rocking a shade of lavender. It looks like Crayola is taking over this year.


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