Made For Walking

Posted September 2, 2010 in Feature Story

A good boot is hard to find. Like a good pair of jeans, once you find them you don’t let them go. But finding the right boot is harder than it seems. With so many different styles it’s hard to get your hands on the perfect one. Three things to keep in mind when boot shopping are: the length of the boot, the style of the heel and, of course, the fit.

The length of the boot depends on how you want your legs to look. Three common boot lengths are: ankle, mid-calf and above the knee. Ankle boots end around your ankle or above your ankle. Low ankle boots are great for showing off your legs, but not so great for balancing small feet with larger legs. The higher ankle boots tend to take away from your legs depending on the boot, so if you’re looking to lengthen your legs, stay away from these. Mid-calf boots are the most common boot length and, depending on style, can be casual or dressy. Fit is important on mid-calf boots; wear them loose and they might look sloppy. Above the knee boots tend to attract the eye so if you’re trying to be bold, try these with a simple outfit.

Boots can be flat or heeled, depending on your style or type of event the heel type calls for. If you’re looking for a good, night out boot, stilettos are a good choice. Pairing skinny jeans or short dresses with ankle boots or booties could be the way to go. Ankle boots are a good alternative to high heels; with more foot support, you could probably get more mileage with them than a regular heel. For more casual looks, try a flat or wedged heel.

Whatever your style, the fit is the most important part of choosing the right boot. Boots should be comfortable enough to walk in and should flatter the shape of your legs. There is nothing worse than a sloppy boot that you can’t even walk in.


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