Take it to a Whole ‘Nother Layer

By Kisatchy Le'stelle Owens

Posted September 2, 2010 in Feature Story

The days of summer will soon be a sizzling goodbye, and as we fall into a new season we need to be open to versatility and change. Cooler days await us and for some of us, we’re not complaining. Of course the days of wearing sleeveless shirts while blasting Will Smith’s “Summertime” on the stereo were amazing, but it comes a time every year where we have to transition and rethink our outfit appeal. So here’s a thought: How about introducing layers of your favorite styles in your outfits without looking bulky or committing a fashion “Oh-no-she(or he)-didn’t”. Some may be opposed to this idea, but it’s all about thinking beyond the expected and thinking “what works for you.” Note: When going for a layered look, you want to pay close attention to length, cut, shape and detail. This can make or break your outfit. Focus more on your upper body and pairing your layered top section with complimentary bottoms.

Anyone can achieve the “layered look.” Here are some steps/tips that can start you off in manipulating layers to fit and interpret your individual style.

Step One

Start with the basics. Select a top (shirt, blouse or sweater), dress or tunic.

(Optional): Wearing a longer (fitted) tank or camisole underneath in a complimentary color or print can make your outfit “pop.”

Step Two

Ask these questions: “Is this top layer-able?” “What can I do to accent it?” Depending on your selection, many tops can be layered with vests, jackets, hoodies, cardigans or a combination of these.

Step Three

Accessorize!!! Optional, but it can definitely add some flair. Define with scarves, jewelry, messenger bags and/or purses.

That’s it! Simple as 1-2-3, so go forth and get your layering on!!!


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