Top 10 For ’10

Posted September 2, 2010 in Feature Story

1. BIG RINGS. While small rings with high mineral values carry a sophisticated look, they’re no match for the oversized rings that are flooding the trend-o-sphere right now. 2. EXOTIC HAIR PIN. They’re in. ’Nuff said. 3. LEGGINGS. The more tight-fitted the better. 4. STUDDED/TRIMMED HANDBAGS. The more hardware the better. 5. GLOVES. For the guys. 6. LEATHER BOOTS. They’ll keep you warm. 6. UMBRELLAS. Rihanna uses a yellow one. 8. BROOCH or LAPEL PIN. Don’t wait for  your prom flower to wilt to get one. 9. WOOL BEANIE. Sadly, it is back. Again. 10. BELTS. They’re not just to keep your pants up.


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