Bulldog Bulldozer Blues Band

Posted September 23, 2010 in Music


Bruce Fulper (guitar, vocals); Dean Collucci (drums, vocals); Doris Paxton (bass, vocals). 


Grand Terrace, Menifee, Highland 


All of the Jimmys, Blackmore, Clapton, Joe Walsh, Phil Keaggy, Chrissy Hynde, DEVO, John Bonham and Wanda Jackson.




If you’ve got an instrument (or voice) and you’ve stashed a few cool riffs under your belt, chances are very good that the Bulldog Bulldozer Blues Band wants to hear you.


That’s ‘cause the alliteratively-named Inland Empire-based trio hosts a blues jam every Thursday evening at Ray’s Downtown Deli in San Bernardino. And the door’s open for all kinds of instruments to pick up and improv over blues-based changes.


Fronted by guitarist/vocalist Bruce Fulper—and backed by a rhythm section of Dean Collucci and Doris Paxton—the act launched with the intentions of meeting good, like-minded players. 


“Dean came from a Led Zep cover band and really nails the groove like [John] Bonham,” says Fulper. “And meeting the talented firecracker Doris Paxton has been very cool. She plays bass and drums and sings very well, too. It’s cool. It’s been a lot of work, but I like driving this bulldozer.”


Speaking of the ‘dozer, what’s in a name, anyways?


“After agonizing for several weeks for something catchy that would personify the attitude of musical entertainment I want to portray, it came to me at 2 a.m.,” he recalls. “I just bolted out of bed and wrote it down. Everyone keeps telling me to change it to the ‘Bulldozers.’ I might.”


Fulper notes that his musical open-mindedness and originality was established from his days living in Ohio.


“Coming from the college town, Kent State University, where so many great musicians got their start, if you weren’t playing original music in Kent you were banished to the Holiday Inn four miles south of town by the interstate,” he says. “Different. You have to be different. It’s great to play mean guitar, but if it sounds like 100 other mean guitarists, what’s the point? Mean and different is what I strive to be.”


And Fulper also strives to make the Ray’s experience fun and “worth each jammer’s trip so they’ll want to come back.”


Three weeks ago, Fulper says they had 19 people show up to play. And one of the craziest jams featured four guitar players, two bass players, two harp players, two sax players, drummer playing—all at once. How’d it all sound? Says an enthusiastic Fulper, “It sounded good!”


Bulldog Bulldozer Blues Band at Ray’s Downtown Deli, 168 S. E St., San Bernardino, (909) 885-7776. Every Thurs, 8PM.


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