Tango Kilo

Posted September 9, 2010 in Music


Jeremy Lacey (bass); Randy Jordan (drums); Robby Kauffman (guitars); David Mancha (guitars/vocals).


Pomona, Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia.


Rain in Blue (9 Lives Records, 2008).


The Beatles, The Black Crowes, Pearl Jam, Neil Young, Smashing Pumpkins, Bob Dylan. (Oddly enough, Bang Tango was not on the band’s list. What, no “Someone Like You?”)

www.myspace.com/tangokilo; www.tangokilo.com.


One consumer catchword of late has been “organic.” Walk into any supermarket and you might spot a section of the produce department dedicated to organic fruits and vegetables. Saunter down the beverage aisle and you’ll likely note several organic juices. For folks who like to steer clear of potentially processed foods, the term appears to smack of significance.


And the same label could be ascribed to the music of local rockers Tango Kilo, who aren’t afraid to use the “o” word in describing their taste of tuneage. And they’re certainly making their point.


“I like to describe it as organic, original American retro rock,” says guitarist/vocalist David Mancha. “A lot of our sound comes from Rob’s playing. His style captures a lot of the natural sounding elements of rock ‘n’ roll guitarists such as [Jimmy] Page, [Eric] Clapton, [George] Harrison and [Jimi] Hendrix.”


The aforementioned Rob is guitarist Robby Kauffman, who joined Tango Kilo after connecting with Mancha and drummer Randy Jordan. (Bassist Jeremy Lacey finalized the band.) And it was Kauffman’s father who was responsible for the act’s interesting moniker.


“That was my dad’s ‘trucker handle,’” says Kauffman. “His initials are T.K. which, in military alphabet, is ‘tango kilo.’ I spent a lot of time with him in those rigs.”


Now Kauffman and company are spending time in the studio and on stage, as they’re currently working on their sophomore album, Tate Square. Plus, they’ll be bringing their old-school rock fare to Angel’s Roadhouse #2, sharing the date with The Iron Maidens this weekend.


“Our music is mostly about feel,” says Kauffman. “I like a song to feel ‘real.’ I don’t like to have to dress it up in order to make it into something . . . We may not ‘wow’ you with sexual stage antics and pyrotechnics, but we will give you our hearts through the music we play.”


“[It’s] real and organic,” adds Mancha with the “o” word again. “We don’t try to connect with the crowd through gimmicks. What we do is put on a damn good rock ‘n’ roll show where we let the music do the talking and make the connections first, and then let everything fall into place.”


Tango Kilo at Angel’s Roadhouse #2, 13685 John Glenn Rd., Apple Valley, (760) 240-6923; www.myspace.com/angelsroadhouse2. Sat, Sept. 11. 7PM.


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