Nicholas Hexum

Posted September 9, 2010 in

You know him as the co-frontman/songwriter/guitarist for reggae-fied rock-rap group 311. But the ladies . . . well, they love him no matter what—and especially when he takes his shirt off (a staple at 311 shows as the gentler sex can attest to) and starts crooning the first words to Cure cover tune “Love Song” (How the hell do you think he managed to date one of the Pussycat Dolls?). But at least they’re not calling this “A Special Evening with Nicholas Hexum”—cuz that would edge us dangerously close to Aaron Lewis territory. Seriously though, after years of combining dancehall-friendly chops (think Daddy Freddy), hard rock riffs and hip-hop savvy rhymes with bandmates SA Martinez, Chad Sexton, Tim Mahoney and P-Nut, it seems the Hex-ster is ready to pull a Beyoncé and tour on his own steam with this solo performance at Pechanga. Now, this taste of the Hex should be enough for you, but for the musically greedy, D-Roc will be spinning at the show to add to the evening’s festivities. So, if you’ve been down since Music (you know who you are) and words like, “Hey, P-Nut, beat that thing!” are your favorite way to end a night, then come original for a dose of the Omaha Stylee.


Nicholas Hexum of 311 at Silk The Club at Pechanga Resort & Casino, 45000 Pechanga Pkwy., Temecula, (877) 711-2946; Sat, Sept. 11. 8PM. Tickets starting at $25.


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