Thursday Night Out

Posted October 14, 2010 in Music

MEMBERS & INSTRUMENTS: Stewart (vocals); Adam (drums); Jamil (bass); Leo (keyboards).

RECENT RELEASE: Lonely Guy (2010).
KINDRED SPIRITS: Genres include rock, jazz, hip-hop, soul-hop, R&B, country and even Middle Eastern flavors. Favorite artists include Blink-182, Mayday Parade, Taking Back Sunday, Green Day, Gym Class Heroes, Michael Jackson, Fall Out Boy, 9th Wonder. Heck, even the movie Drumline has served as inspiration!



The splintering of musical genres is nothing new. Stick your nose into music styles deep enough and you’ll discover countless variants of punk, hip-hop, metal and, heck, even classical.


Rialto’s Thursday Night Out is venturing into seemingly uncharted musical waters, attempting to break ground with a new music genre that they’ve dubbed “U.P.P.”


Defined as “urban/punk/pop,” the foursome have enacted their plan in melding hip-hop and R&B into a decidedly punk-tinged rock cluster, since forming in late 2008 after vocalist Stewart and drummer Adam graduated high school.


The band’s name seems less plotted, emerging from a spontaneous, fairly literal encounter. "Our very first show was played on a Thursday night,” says Stewart. “At that time we didn’t have a band name and Adam happened to just blurt, ‘It’s Thursday Night Out!’ And the name just stuck from there.”

The gigs have been sticking, too, as Thursday Night Out have played a number of local spots including Riverside’s The Vibe. And the act will be making its return to Cal State San Bernardino this Saturday, this time opening for L.A.-based headliners Shiny Toy Guns as part of the school’s 2nd annual Block Party event. Ask the band about their forthcoming date, and the response is resoundingly optimistic.

“It’s like a homecoming every time we get on stage over there, great fun,” says bassist Jamil. “The expectation for this show is to have your socks knocked off.”

“We’re building a fanbase, gaining a lot of support,” adds Stewart, “and we’re on the flyer this year. People see our name’s on that flyer, and they know us, so they expect us to perform a great show. So, we will give them what they ask for.”

And what they’ll get, according to Stewart, is an honest representation of the band. 


“We’re not trying to make you believe that we’re something we’re not,” he says. “We’re not trying to sell you any B.S. Our music, our live performance, is an extension of our personalities. So, a live show would be like getting to know a couple of cool guys who just want you to know what it’s like in our world.”


Thursday Night Out at California State University San Bernardino, 5500 University Pkwy., San Bernardino, (909) 537-5000; Sat, 5PM. 




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