Nacio en Aztlan

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With Nacio en Aztlan, or Born in Aztlan, Pomona’s dA Center for the Arts will be presenting its 8th annual curated Aztlan exhibition through Nov. 30. The exhibit will focus on artists from Aztlan as a whole, whether they’re from the U.S. north of the border, or Mexico to the south. The exhibition will also feature various educational workshops, including the History of Chicano Art, Mask Making and a Community Mural. An unspecified region of the North American southwest and original home of the Aztec people, Aztlan has a rich Mesoamerican history.  Over the course of the last three dA Center exhibitions that examined Chicano or Chicana art and culture (including “Popzlan,” “Aztlan Blurring The Line” and “Hands Across Aztlan”), curator Frank Garcia has posited that, over the last few centuries, American culture has begun to be assimilated into that of Aztlan’s Mesoamerican Aztec ancestors, and in order to further explore this notion, artists with non-Mexican-American backgrounds whose work still deals with overarching themes of Mesoamerican influences have consistently been invited to show their work.


Nacio en Aztlan/Born in Aztlan at the dA Center for the Arts, 252-D S. Main St., Pomona, (909) 397-9716; Thru Nov. 30. Free.


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