Jophen Stein art show

Posted November 18, 2010 in

There’s something refreshing about supporting local art. Hell, supporting art in general, for that matter. Enough old fogeys have gone to the “Back in my day . . . ” well that I scarcely need to retread how today is a generation of shifting lights and colors, from seventh-generation video game consoles to the renaissance of three-dimensional movin‘ pictures, but one thing that computers, the Internet, Web 2.0, et cetera ad nauseum and whatever other Latin you want to throw in will never be able to replicate is the serenity of simply standing still in a single solitary spot and staring at a piece of art hanging on the wall, like that of Pomona artist Jophen Stein (I know, a little bit verbose for a simple “Pick of the Week” segue, but some things are worth waiting for, dig?) His latest series of prints, Bad Fiction for a Grand Fantastic, “sets out to illustrate a variety of surreal moments incorporating the long string of bad and incoherent narratives that have become persistent in our daily lives.” Stein seems to have a habit of including children in his work; unsettling, shifty-eyed children that makes for some incredible (and sometimes incredibly dark) art.


“Bad Fiction for a Grand Fantastic” by Jophen Stein, at Pedersen Projects, 396 S. Thomas St., Pomona, (310) 702-2005; Thru Dec. 4.



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