Natural Heights

Posted December 23, 2010 in

“A sublime fusion of modern reggae and classic sound explains the essence of Natural Heights,” states a WordArt-heavy poster adorning the band’s MySpace page. If it seems a bit vague (classic sound?), look no further than the wording in that sentence: “sublime” as an adjective was no accident, as the band peppers in covers of songs by Sublime, 311 and Slightly Stoopid along with their original tunes. One look at the band’s MySpace will reveal a slew of live dates, hitting venues from Bakersfield to Redondo Beach (and even one in Park City, Utah), hinting at a work rate especially impressive for a relatively new band, one that will celebrate their second birthday in February. Comprised of vocalist Scott Hall, bassist Ryan Pipitone, guitarist Juan “Stevie Ray Juan” Canales and drummer Jesse Vargas (who inexplicably lists Kobe Bryant as one of his influences), the band will hit Riverside’s Lake Alice Trading Co. on Wednesday.


Natural Heights at Lake Alice Trading Co., 3616 University Ave., Riverside. (951) 686-7343,, Wed, Dec. 29. 9PM. Tickets $5.


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