Aistha’s Kiss

Posted January 20, 2011 in Music


Vinnie (lead vocals, rhythm guitar); Reagan (bass guitar, keys, vocals); Brian (lead guitar); Jason (drums, vocals).

Corona, Redlands, Victorville.


Grunge, ’80s hard rock and modern rock sounds. Yeah, ever heard of Alice in Chains, Seether, Sick Puppies, Pearl Jam, Godsmack or Finger Eleven?


Some bands are full of musical talent, but they’re devoid of style. Others have the looks, but flop once instruments are played. And there are those who can perform audibly and visually, but when it comes to sticking around, there’s little adhesion to be found.


Aistha’s Kiss aims to remedy such faults. Vinnie, the quartet’s vocalist/guitarist, notes his latest endeavor blends music, style and passion. They’re creating, he says, “a deeper presence with our fans and a more full experience within the music itself.”


Vinnie’s no stranger to the scene, as a former member of The Sundial Project. However, Aistha’s Kiss wasn’t tossed together in the wake of his previous act’s parting.


“This project has been something percolating and growing since [AK bassist/keyboardist] Reagan and I first met over four years ago,” says Vinnie. “It started as a few songs of raw emotion, and we let it work its way into life organically through additional songs as the emotions moved, formulating the full concept of the band and the music and the imagery, and allowing it to form while we worked in other projects until it was ready to be born.” 


AK’s now engaging its full launch, which also promotes rock fashion. “To share this concept with the world, we take ordinary clothing items and re-tool them to give them that distinct rock edge,” he says. “We have an online store where you can purchase our lines of product, and we also will custom design enhancements to items already in your closet.” (Check the band’s website for details.)


Also part of the launch is AKA (Aistha’s Kiss Acoustic), where the band opts for a quieter set when the full rock experience won’t fit. As Vinnie notes, AKA hits venues like coffee shops and restaurants, while still promoting the band’s brand. And Aistha’s Kiss future looks bright, with a debut EP release this year and—hopefully—more gigs ahead. 


“On New Year’s Eve we had a lot of discussion about setting our goals and what we wanted to achieve, and New Year’s Day a promoter contacted us with some great opportunities based only on randomly discovering our website,” says Vinnie. “We can feel the momentum building already. It’s fate . . . 2011 is our year.”


Aistha’s Kiss at Angels Sports Bar, 1650 E. 6th St., Corona, (951) 371-9738; Fri., Jan. 28, 7PM.



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