Covered In Blood

Posted January 27, 2011 in Music


Cowboy Dan Spector (vocals); Anthony “the Goat” Padua (drums); Greg “Mr. Bank of America” Hamilton (bass).

Norco, Riverside.

Butthole Surfers, Unwound, Arab on Radar, the Birthday Party, Pork Charles, the Fallen Apostles, Titanosaur, Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Government Issue, Trans Am, Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, Mr. Big.


You probably know just as much as Covered In Blood knows about what they’ll be playing during their next gig. (And no, you don’t even need to consult your crystal ball.)


That’s ’cause the members of Covered in Blood have no freaking idea what they’ll be playing mere minutes before showtime. There are no plans made, no songs penned, no material rehearsed. Ladies and gentleman, this is musical improvisation to the hilt.


“We make it a point to never discuss what we’re going to do on stage or off stage,” says bassist Greg Hamilton. “The whole point of the band was to have no structure, nor expectations in the hopes that we could get together years from now and we’ll still be able to play together without forgetting anything.”


According to Hamilton, the band launched with drummer Tony Padua’s idea to have enjoyable music without constraints. When Hamilton joined, the pair began gigging immediately, without prior practice. A handful of shows later, Cowboy Dan Spector entered on vocals.

“The improv set originally came from wanting to be able to play immediately with no material,” says Hamilton, noting that their inaugural gig was a short Christmas ’09 set at Worthington’s Tavern. The gig worked and the band continued (with its name derived from a Faith No More song).


While we can’t exactly wax poetic on the material—as it’s never the same thing twice—Hamilton’s able to offer a smidge of insight on what takes place during a CIB performance.


“The show moves through different intensity levels with volume, effects, drum velocity and speed, and the words of Cowboy Dan Spector,” he says. “We usually play a variety of styles of music with bass riffs, drum beats and vocals that last for about 20 minutes in a single song-style format.”


“We put the rawness in the extreme where all have been lost for quite some time now,” adds Spector. “We live by our own rules. We live by our own mind of trade in the musical sense. That is why we will always be an improv band.” 


Now that’s a known quantity.


Covered in Blood with The Hexxers, Mute Point, Crooked Circle and Flying Brains at the Mission Tobacco Lounge, 3630 University Ave., Riverside, (951) 682-4427; Wed, Feb. 2. 9PM.

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