“Carnies of the 30′s” and “The Human Condition”

Posted January 20, 2011 in

“I’m a self-taught artist, my work is full of flaws and imperfections. I feel like these characteristics breathe life into my pieces. Thank you for taking the time to look.” Such is the mission statement of artist Lindy Ivey, simplistic as it might be. While Ivey’s frankness and humility is refreshing, it’s hard not to think she might be understating her prowess just a bit. Showtime, a piece included in Ivey’s “Carnies of the 30’s” series, depicts a big-eyed ballerina arm-in-arm with a bear standing upright, dressed in matching fez and vest. In this piece, Ivey’s self-taught style shows through, not in an amateur way, but rather an unconventionally polished way, one that reminds us how diverse the imaginations and the skill sets of artists can be. “Carnies of the 30’s” will be showing at Pomona’s Bunny Gunner Art Gallery alongside Fikrie Oz’s “The Human Condition” through Feb. 5. In “The Human Condition,” we see the stoic faces of children; in The Tune of Youth is Bound to End, blood red sheet music is juxtaposed with the slightly upturned face of a nonchalant boy. Both artists are wildly talented, and their participation in such an exhibit makes the Bunny Gunner undeniably worth a visit or two. (Tyler Davidson)


Lindy Ivey’s “Carnies of the 30’s”  and Fikrie Oz’s “The Human Condition” at Bunny Gunner Art Gallery, 266 W. Second St., Pomona; (909) 868-2808; www.bunnygunner.com. Thru Sat, Feb. 5.


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