Stay Cool Forever

Posted February 10, 2011 in Music


Keith Yergens (loops, vocals, keyboards, guitar); Nina Berman (vocals, keyboards, guitar).



Whenever (How To Be A Microwave, 2011).


Movies like Airborne, Rushmore, Hocus Pocus and Valley Girl. TV shows like The OC, Daisy of Love, Bug Juice and Freshman Year. And music ranging The Beach Boys to the High School Musical soundtrack. Plus, there’s The Beatles, Animal Collective, Echo & The Bunnymen, Prince, Bob Dylan, Can, The Cure, Yoko Ono, The Velvet Underground, Sugar Ray, Talking Heads, OMD, Pavement, Blink-182. And lest we forget, there’s also water, ballet (from afar), my kitty cat, glitter, nature, an owl’s “hoo,” cemeteries, the ’80s, horses, skies and everything in between.



Most musicians find a majority of their inspiration in people or events that are typically musically-related. But Stay Cool Forever appears to gravitate towards things outside traditional music bounds as catalysts in creating their tracks.

For starters, scope the massive list of “kindred spirits” above, provided by the Pomona-based pair (editor’s note: this printed list’s a truncated version of what was supplied). Granted, there are musicians in the bunch, but there’s also a heap of non-musical entities. Cemeteries? The OC? Water?


So it seems somewhat fitting SCF launched roughly three years ago as a recording project of vocalist/guitarist/keysman Keith Yergens that was “initially inspired by the duet between Zooey Deschanel and Will Ferrell in Elf.” By ’09, the band became a trio, and eventually added Nina Berman. As former members opted to pursue solo endeavors, SCF reverted to a duo.
Stay Cool Forever’s name even hails from a film, Beautiful Girls, in which Yergens found comfort after a depressing year.


“I hadn’t seen it in something like 10 years,” he says. “Watching it was very surreal, and uplifting, it was fate. ‘Stay Cool Forever’ are pretty much the last words spoken, it gave me chills—what a crazy thing to say, and to think about. It stuck with me and I wanted the phrase and that moment to be me, I guess.”
Another thing that sticks is their music, which is heavily layered via prominent loops, and is “just a result of the flow/magic at practice,” says Berman.
SCF’s debut EP Whenever is released by local label How to Be a Microwave with a release show this week at Pomona’s PB&J. The group’s jammed locally over the years, including a “pretty crazy” date at Pomona College, replete with yet another film reference.


“We were supposed to play in the courtyard, but it was raining, so we played inside of this recreation room or student lounge, or something,” says Yergens. “It reminded of the library in The Breakfast Club, which I’ve loved since I was a child. We once saw Judd Nelson at Amoeba, it was unreal. Anyways, I thought we did really good that night, and the vibes were awesome.”


Stay Cool Forever with Halloween Swim Team and Michael Nhat at PB&J, 226 S. Main St., Pomona; Sat, 8PM.




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