The Companies

Posted February 24, 2011 in Music


Pierre Castro (guitar), Virgil Alvarez (bass), Albert Ayon (drums), Chayo Rios (rhythm guitar, vocals).

Chino, San Bernardino, Fontana, Chino Hills.


Keep Me in Mind (Rat Bastard Music, 2010).


From mariachi to Los Bukis to contemporary stuff like Juan Gabriel, plus punk rock (e.g. Dead Kennedys, Misfits, The Exploited), oldies and Art Laboe. But the biggest influence here is Morrissey (in either The Smiths or solo guises).



If The Companies happen to remind your ears of cutting-edge musicians hailing from years past, you’re not hearing things.

Chayo Rios, vocalist/guitarist of the local rock-based foursome fully admits that he’s been digging through the styles of yesterday to bring you the sounds of tomorrow. Well, kind of.


“I would describe it as a flashback to your past if you like ’80s New Wave,” he says. “Also, you can expect candle wax on nipples and dancing, a lot of dancing. Well, that’s what we hope for any way.”


Hey, it’s good to be hopeful, as Rios has been working with the group since landing like-minded musicians via Craigslist in early 2009. 


“It was like when that gnarly kingpin dude on Enter The Dragon found all those fighters around the world—I’m Bruce Lee, of course,” he explains “It’s been the same lineup ever since, through our first recordings of our EP to our current album.”


That album’s called Keep Me in Mind, a title Rios says encapsulates the release. “A lot of what I write comes from personal relationships and struggles,” he says. “In my life and sometimes, like all of us do, I just want to leave all my problems far behind.”


Perhaps The Companies—named after a Dead Kennedys song—is Rios’ solution, as he describes his wares as “a melancholy vibe with a pop twist, sad at times and upbeat and danceable at others.”


And when the “others” kick in, expect some rug cuttin‘ at The Companies’ gigs, including their forthcoming Angelo’s Pizza stop. “We expect to have fun and nothing else really,” says Rios. “The place is cool, it’s 18 and over and they serve beer, which is great considering there are no real all-ages venues in the IE.”


The Companies has toured up north and back east, however, as Rios notes, they’ve yet to tour with a big headliner. “But, I know Morrissey will call soon,” he says. 


Perhaps the Moz isn’t too busy, busy, busy, dialin‘ a cliché? Good thing The Companies are a hopeful bunch.


The Companies at Angelo’s Pizza, 135 E. 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 629-8100. Sat, 9PM. $5.



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