Get Real

By Lynn Lieu

Posted February 3, 2011 in News

The hype and fans that the Coachella Music & Arts Festival brings to the Inland Empire over the years has gained a staggering amount of momentum. With the event already sold out, this year’s festival only seems bigger than its predecessors. And with every musically affiliated company and organization throwing their own pre-/post-parties, it gets harder and harder to keep track of all of the Indio happenings.

Set for April 15 through 17, Coachella announced its lineup last month with Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, Kanye West and The Strokes as headliners. But the traditional (and much anticipated) festival lineup poster wasn’t the only one to appear on the Web. In true Coachella fan fashion, various other fan-made lineup posters began circulating. While some were obvious hoaxes, others were rather convincing.

On Jan. 24, a line-up poster with the Pure Filth, a Los Angeles-based promoter and sound system extraordinaire, and Coachella moniker began making its rounds on the Web. The Los Angeles Times and several blogs fell folly to the fake poster as an ambitious intern posted the faux lineup on Pure Filth’s website (

“When they actually announced the lineup for Coachella, one of our ardent fans, who saw a lot of artists that we would normally book at our shows, did a poster of all those artists . . . a lot of those acts will be playing on our stage, but some of those will be playing at other places in the festival,” says Pure Filth owner Sam Robson. “But, someone did a mock up and it was so convincing that my new intern grabbed it and put it on our website. Then the L.A. Times got a hold of it and thought that—because it was on our website—it was real.”

Pure Filth has been active at the festival for the past three years and Robson has been working with Coachella since around 2006. From DJ-ing to running stages, Robson has tremendous experience working with the festival as well has throwing his own parties, Bassface and Screwface, which will feature a Coachella group each week leading up to the festival.

“I met [festival creator] Paul Tollett out of Coachella several years ago in a little area he had on the grounds called ‘The Dome.’ There was a really good vibe in there, they had a good show going on,” Robson says. “We started developing the idea of creating an area that’s more conducive to doing underground types of music; bass music, dubstep, etc. So that’s what we’ve been trying to do for the last couple years.”

Last year, Robson and Pure Filth put together the Bassface Camping Sessions in the Campground Pavilion playing nightly shows with the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Daedalus, The Gaslamp Killer, Flying Lotus and The Professionals. This year, Pure Filth’s stage moves to the main festival grounds.

“Before, we put flyers out so people know what’s going on,” Robson says. “But because we are playing on the main grounds, we didn’t do that. Someone just picked up all the genres of dubstep, beat music, etc., and smashed them all into one poster. The rumor started circulating that it wasn’t just for our stage; that it was for an after hours that we were doing that line up for. Then people started really freaking out because it was a huge lineup. It all kind of happened overnight.”

Pure Filth released a statement the next day explaining the mix up stating:

“Truly this reflects the spirit of the Coachella music festival, which is not a dualistic ‘show’ that divides the performer and the audience, but rather an event for and of the community. From excited fans that create their own flyers and passionate forum commentators to social media users who spread the word and their enthusiasm, Coachella calls to people and engages them to plunge in and participate rather than stand behind the lines and watch.”


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