The Rundown

By Allen David

Posted February 3, 2011 in News


Fess up, Temeculans who claim to only be concerned about land-use issues and planning commission matters. The real reason you’ve got a Lou Dobbs in your shorts over a planned mosque is pretty clear. George Bush hates bla—wait, wrong bigotry. Let’s try again: Temecula hates Muslims. And George Rombach, you’re the hate king. Concerned American Citizens, my ass. Local Muslims, sorry, but George does NOT speak for the rest of us.


Oh, here’s a sweetheart deal! A former San Bernardino County assessor’s employee who was part of a funky-crazy political corruption scheme with other supposed miscreants (Bill Postmus, the former assessor who is allegedly gay, paid people for bullshit work and was caught with some kind of drug—in other words, a real class act. Allegedly.) ends up making a deal. But, no, we’re not talking about a prison deal or anything like that for Greg Eyler. Send a message to San Bernardino County politicians that there are real consequences for their actions and misdeeds? Silly rabbit. And keep in mind that Greg Boy’s the second of Postmus’ hirelings to cop a deal. But Eyler’s deal seems—how can I put this?—slap-on-the-wrist-y. He agreed to pay the county $25,000 to settle a civil lawsuit. And, get this, he only has to pay installments of $100 bucks for the first nine months and $200 afterwards. Are you kidding me? A hundred bucks a month? That’s a weekend cocaine binge. That’s a couple of hours with the boys at the Hustler Club in Redlands. Someone sure as hell called in a favor.


Ah, poor Sheila Sanford. She’s the owner of The Candy Store, a sweets dispensary on Highway 74, who says she’s got to shutter up the business because, among other things, folks ain’t buying pastries, homemade chocolates and other goodies like they used to. It’s that darn, pesky economy. And I’m sure its totally (picking up on my sarcasm? I’m laying it on pretty thick) convenient location between Lake Elsinore and San freakin‘ Juan Capistrano has nothing to do with the lack of foot or car traffic. In any case, Sanford says, “I want to be able to have money in the bank this month to pay next month’s bills, and I can’t do that.” Join the crowd, Sheila, join the crowd. Insert music from a teeny-tiny violin here.


How much is a good city manager worth? Well, that depends, you might say. One must consider experience, education and references. But Henry Garcia has a very specific number in mind. $400,000 a year. Yup, that’s right. Nearly half a mil. That’s his price tag if the City of Moreno Valley agrees to his terms and asks him to wear the City Manager hat . . . in a city of 190,000 that’s short about $15 million in its soaking-red budget. And even that price is quite a boost from his last job. When Garcia was city manager for Rialto, he was bringing home $263K a year including perks. But Mayor Pro Tem Jesse Molina says Garcia’s worth every penny. “We can’t afford not to pay Mr. Garcia what he’s worth.” Funny thing, the City Council had only budgeted $330,000 for the job. Nice going, Henry. Shoot for the stars.


Die, Boston, die!


How humiliating. The kind of stuff that just makes you feel, well, sad to be a Lakers fan. Sad and dejected when you think about the two recent losing streaks. And then there were those other losses. Today’s marquee match-up against the Celtics sucks majorly, too, as Boston shows its crazy skills and wins the game 109-96. Sadness in Laker-town is the order of the day.


The City of Wildomar decides to settle a lawsuit targeting an 18-bay auto center and the guy behind the project is bummed. And he gets colorful when describing the ordeal. Seems developer Kenny Robles had been working with the county, but had to start things over once Wildomar became a city . . . and the hilarious bureaucracy ensued. “I got really caught up in a really bad situation,” Robles says. He might just throw in the towel. “It’d be like climbing Mt. Everest and then somebody telling you (that) you gotta climb it again.” Dude, I think the guys that climbed Mt. Everest might have something to say about that.


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