Rudo Movimiento

Posted March 10, 2011 in Music


Canah (vocals, wiro); Rudo (bass); Hector (congas, vocals); Big A (timbales); Irvin (drums); Juan (guitar).

Riverside, Moreno Valley, Perris.

Reggae, ska, cumbia, punk, rock, old school rap, rancheras, pretty much everything. “We all have different influences but I can say that my biggest influence is Tijuana NO, Bob Marley and Manu Chao,” says Canah.


If diversity’s the name of the game, Rudo Movimiento’s a good candidate for the soundtrack.


The largely Riverside-based sextet, which started in December 2004 as a quartet, note that they can switch musical gears on audiences, revving it up and taming it down, depending on the vibe they want to create.


“I think a Rudo show in the barrio always gets crazy, people skank and mosh, and for brief moments, ‘la gente baila cumbia,’ but at the same time we can play mellow sets as well, with more instrumentals, acoustics and traditional rhythms. [We’ve] matured its sound along the years but still [have] the same essence, funky ritmo verde.”


But it wasn’t always as diverse. Starting off, the band wanted to play ska and struggled to find musicians, so some of RM’s members opted to learn new instruments which, according to the band, helped set things forward in motion. As the years progressed, Rudo Movimiento slowly added new flavors to their already musically tasteful plate, including the addition of reggae and cumbia rhythms.
Oh, and about the name—it’s as close as its Ingles cognate sounds, translating to “rude movement.” 


“‘Rudo’ because of the OG rude boys which represents that side of the band, and ‘Movimiento’ because of a movement, a rebellion . . . it all just came to me one day at work while discussing names with our drummer at that time.”
The band’s made its share of movements throughout the years, including gigging via mini tours throughout northern California and Arizona. However, for a band that’s gigged the Inland Empire quite heavily, their March 18 gig will mark their first time playing at Pomona’s Glass House. The band says they’re excited about the show, and such spirit also extends to the fact that they’re assembling a new EP for 2011.

But, if there’s something the band really wants folks to know, it’s that it’s never been about the money. “It’s just for the love of music and the love of playing shows . . . and the pit . . . and the crowd . . . and the mamis.” Ah, the promises of diversity, indeed.


Rudo Movimiento at The Glass House, 200 W. 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 865-3802; Fri, March 18, 6PM. $13.



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