“Safaris to the Heart”

Posted March 10, 2011 in

From folk to pop/rock and jazz, the band Mutts of the Planet will perform a show based entirely around Joni Mitchell’s music for “Safaris to the Heart: The Songs of Joni Mitchell.” “Safaris” is a performance piece put on by the Performance Loft. Mutts of the Planet—led by husband and wife duo Robin Adler and Dave Blackburn and rounded out by Barnaby Finch (piano), Paul Carman (sax), Bill Saitta (bass) and Jeff Olsen (drums)—will draw on Mitchell’s 40-year-plus-year career and all of the phases and genres (pop/rock, jazz, world music, et. al.) the iconic singer-songwriter explored during her tenure as a musical and counterculture icon. And no, Tina Fey’s “Paints and Brushes” will not be featured. (Lynn Lieu)


“Safaris to the Heart: The Songs of Joni Mitchell” at the Historic Mitten Building, 345 Fifth St., Redlands; performanceloft.org. Wed, March 6. 7:15PM. $10 general admission. $5 students.


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