Ana Kefr

By Waleed Rashidi

Posted May 19, 2011 in Music


Rhiis D. Lopez (lead vocals, keys, clarinet); Brendan Moore (lead guitar, saxophone, vocals); Kyle Coughran (rhythm guitar, vocals); Alphonso Jimenez (bass); Shane Dawson (drums, djembe).

Hemet, Fontana, Riverside.

The Burial Tree (II) (Muse Sick Records, 2011).

From progressive rock and metal to classical music, Arabic music, death metal, black metal and experimental rock.


For those thinking the historical Mayan calendar is correct, and that the world will end in December 2012, Ana Kefr may have some news that’ll surprise you. Yes, according to some folks, the ending might arrive a little sooner than expected.

“When we heard of this movement that honestly believes that May 21 is the Day of Rapture, and October 21 the end of the world, the opportunity was too ripe to pass up, especially considering our stance on those matters,” says Ana Kefr vocalist Rhiis D. Lopez.

The opportunity Lopez speaks of is getting a gig at the Glass House on that same day—and billing it as their “Rapture Show.”

It’s also an opportunity for Ana Kefr (whose name means I am Infidel) to showcase some of its latest, which likely includes offerings from its recently-released sophomore full-length, The Burial Tree (II).

According to Lopez, Ana Kefr formed a few years ago when he met with sole remaining original member, guitarist Kyle Coughran. The act recorded and released their debut, Volume 1, in June 2009, and quickly found themselves sharing stages with acts like Exodus, Into Eternity, My Ruin, Death by Stereo and Taproot.

Later that year, the act added members Brendan Moore, Shane Dawson and Alphonso Jimenez and released a single (“Tonight”). Ana Kefr started recording the 14-song The Burial Tree (II) in November at Lunch-Box Studios in Perris with producer David Franklin.

Lopez compares Ana Kefr’s live set as “almost as if Pink Floyd played dark, extreme metal. It is epic, it is intense, it is cinematic in a way [and] the audience is very much a part of our show.”

So, what are their hopes for this forthcoming “Rapture” gig?

“We are expecting a great turn out, actually,” says Lopez. “There was more buzz about this show for us than our album release show a couple weeks ago. Strange, but true. The Glass House is a great venue. We’ve performed there once before . . . We’ve prepared a special, funny and entertaining show for the evening, so we are excited to share this experience with the audience that evening.”

Ana Kefr at The Glass House, 200 W. 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 865-3802; Sat, 7PM. $10.


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