The Money Conversation

By: Lynn Lieu

Posted May 19, 2011 in

Sara Juli plans on doling out $5,000 to get her point across. The New York performing artist is risking the cash in an attempt to get audiences to work out money issues she suspects many people share. During the show, Juli counts out piles of cash of varying denominations as she asks the audience what each sum represents to them. A $300 pile could prompt a reply that it’s equal to a fancy dinner, a bridesmaid dress, or the entire week’s pay for someone earning minimum wage. The conversation, while entertaining in nature, explores a larger cultural concept: What does money mean to you? It further dives into layers of trust, permission and desire, as Juli interacts with the audience throughout her piece. In the end, this show allows Juli to confront her own fear of losing it all while the audience receives a generous performance that includes dance, humor and, of course, a way to give the money back.

“The Money Conversation” at Culver Center of the Arts, 3834 Main St., (951) 827-3755; Fri, May 20. 8PM. $5, sold online only.


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