The Jezebelles

By Waleed Rashidi

Posted June 2, 2011 in Music


Kathryn Cord, Doreen Cameron, Cory Cruze, Kelsey Dyer, Lindsey Peck, Kat Sweet, Tessa Fuller, Irene Soto, Amanda Burke, Allison Marcellus, Crystal Carrera, Jennifer Bishop (vocalists).


Inland Empire.


From Joan Jett and the Cranberries, to Coheed & Cambria and Against Me!, these ladies are all about “rock ‘n’ roll and supporting local women in rock!”


After years of being known as the “chick in the band” and not being taken seriously as a rock musician, Kelsey Dyer changed course, moving away from rock’s typical “boys’ club” mentality by helping to form a “girls’ club” of sorts.

“I would go to shows and see half the people there were women singing along, and I thought, ‘Why isn’t there a place for us?’” she says. “We started this a year ago with one weird little idea, a Craigslist ad and several mutual friends. I found that a lot of women came forward with my same story—an undying love for rock music and no forum to express it in.”

That forum is now known as The Jezebelles, a local all-female indie/rock/punk choir. Yes, just picture a dozen voices singing recognizable (and some less-than-famous) rock-based cuts. The ensemble performs both a cappella (as they did during a guerilla street performance last year) or fronting a backing band (for next Friday’s Mission Tobacco Lounge gig, the instrumentalists are The Bone Rollers).

“We expect this show to either sell out or get really close to selling out, just based on the overwhelming response we’ve received so far from fans and friends,” says Dyer. “Also, I think people like to view odd things, and a choir of rocker chicks singing indie, punk and rock songs is pretty unusual to say the least.”

It was probably unusual to most onlookers when the choir busted out Lindsey Buckingham’s “Holiday Road” (yes, the one from National Lampoon’s Vacation) in the middle of downtown Riverside as one of their surprise street sets. “We honestly thought we were going to be arrested for disrupting the peace down there, but tons of people piled around as far as the eye could see and recorded it,” Dyer says. “The security guards were totally into it, too.”

After all, the choir’s a unique creation, as Dyer says she doesn’t know of anything else like it. However, “we encourage all girls to start one,” she says, “and if they contact us on Facebook we will personally help them start up their own choir. We all need to chip in and support women in rock a lot more.”

The Jezebelles with Everything Said and The Bone Rollers at the Mission Tobacco Lounge, 3630 University Ave., Riverside, (951) 682-4427; Fri, June 10, 8:30PM.


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