MACH 1 Mud Run

By: Lynn Lieu

Posted June 2, 2011 in

The first ever Corona MACH 1 Mud Run kicks off this weekend. Of course, we could think of no better way to end a work week then jumping in pools of mud, but like any other race, the MACH 1 Mud Run is a run. The course is approximately 5K complete with trails, hills and professionally built obstacles. If this is your first mud run, as it is Corona’s, here are some tips: Wear old shoes that you are not afraid to toss after the race, and pair them with some form fitting socks that won’t fill with mud and weigh your feet down. Also bring a full change of clothes and shoes (flip flops recommended), towel, bag for your muddy stuff, camera and camera person (someone who doesn’t want to get dirty). If you wear contacts, go blind for the run or wear some old glasses as mud gets everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

MACH 1 Mud Run at Corona Municipal Airport, 1900 Aviation Dr., Corona; Sat, June 4. Gates open 7:30AM, race starts 9:30AM. $50.


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