“Not So Black and White”

By: Lynn Lieu

Posted June 29, 2011 in

Flying a kite is one thing, but if you’ve ever flown a plastic bag, you know there’s a certain whimsy behind something so simple and not always regarded as beautiful. Mostly associated to trash, the plastic bag has a bad reputation. But one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Josh Blackwell sees what many would call garbage as an art object. His plastic baskets make these bags more than just a place for your dirty napkin; they’re vibrant, colorful, artistic and completely unassuming. Blackwell’s work eliminates social stereotypes of the plastic bag. Similarly, Roger White takes images of everyday objects and sheds new light on them. A dress shirt, or Brita water filter become more than their simple functions. Together Blackwell and White will showcase their work in a “Not So Black and White” exhibit at the Riverside Art Museum through September.

“Common Objects: Not So Black and White” at Riverside Art Museum, 3425 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, (951) 684-7111; www.riversideartmuseum.org. Tues, July 12. 


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