The Rundown

By Allen David

Posted July 28, 2011 in News


A lawsuit charging harassment and racial discrimination is filed on behalf of Big Bear Middle School student Coral Aviles, who in 2010 wore a T-shirt supporting Mexico’s team in the World Cup soccer tournament—and was allegedly asked by a teacher what she was doing in the United States and told she was to blame for high taxes. The suit is filed by MALDEF, the Mexican American Legal and Educational Fund.


The City of Corona’s new automated notification system, which sends recorded emergency messages to residents and businesses, is an upgrade to the former Reverse 9-1-1 system purchased, which itself was an upgrade from screaming “We’re all going to die! We’re all going to die!”


That guy the cops have been saying beat San Francisco Giants fan Brian Stow into a coma on Opening Day at Dodger Stadium—but whose family and friends have been saying no way—is suddenly cleared of the charge. Now the cops say it’s a couple of guys from Rialto—and as Louie Sanchez and Marvin Norwood are arrested, their family and friends are saying, “No way.” Problem is, saying no way—and the accompanying vouching for character and offering personal insights—always sounds half baked when stacked against the unwavering voice of certainty that the cops conjure up for their press conferences. Even in the face of a fuckup like this one—where the cops demonized Giovanni Ramirez for a couple of months without cause—they used that voice in a way that actually made them sound good by making a big show about “exonerating the innocent.” Well, Ramirez may be innocent, but he is still in jail on some warrant violation. Maybe Sanchez and Norwood really are guilty. Maybe their neighbors are full of crap—but on some days, being full of crap qualifies people to be cops. 


A cadre of rappers from The Way Church in San Bernardino say they’ve got all the swag of professional hip-hop stars without being poon-brained potty-mouths. Well, my goodness! Or, I guess that would be their goodness, because I’m equal parts poon-on-the-brain and potty mouth. Not that it translates into swag. Nobody’s ever mistaken me for a professional rapper, either. Even when I was kickin‘ it with Snoop in the 1990s. And I’m betting nobody’s mistaking Loyal Tee, 2Face and Du2ce for hip-hop stars, either—not only because of their Christian themes and lyrics . . . but mostly because of that. Then again, Snoop was saying “chuuch” for awhile. So what’s my beef with MCs wearing earrings and sharp sneakers while spittin‘ rhymes that rep Jesus to tha fullest? I don’t have one. But David Stewart of does. “People of the early church were faithful witnesses of the Truth of God’s Word. As a result people were getting saved, and the idol makers were losing business. In anger, the idol makers almost killed Paul (Acts 19:27 and 30). Paul was severely beaten in Acts 21:32. He was eventually beheaded by Nero. Stephen was stoned to death in Acts Chapter 7. James was beheaded in Acts Chapter 12. These early Christians were HATED of the world; not followed and admired. Jesus had forewarned them of this in John 15:19, “If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.” Chuuch!


Once, in the mid-1960s, my grandfather took me to see a Roller Derby bout. The Los Angeles Thunderbirds played the New York Bombers on a track perched on the football field at Veterans Memorial Stadium in Long Beach—yes, outdoors—and made slick by the dewy night. I forget who won. I remember my grandfather’s favorite player was Ralphie Valladares—who my grandfather called Speedy Gonzales, because of his compact stature, quickness and Latino-ness. We never went to another Roller Derby bout—or any other sporting event—yet whenever I hear of Roller Derby, the Thunderbirds, Ralphie or Speedy, I think of my grandfather, dead now since 1985. So thanks to the San Bernardino Sun for today’s story on the Los Angeles Firebirds’ attempt to revive Roller Derby at the Fairplex. Thanks more for quoting a Firebirds player named Gina Valladares, who answered my silent could-it-be question by confirming that her dad skated with the Thunderbirds. Finally, thanks for forgetting to include the score. P.S. Hi, Grandpa!


Labor peace comes to the National Football League!


Bring on the concussions!


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