Def Edge

By Waleed Rashidi

Posted August 4, 2011 in Music


Big Lyrx & Boss Rilla.


Ontario, Chino.

Hustle Dayzz Mixtape (Def Edge, 2011).


Xzibit, Brotha Lynch Hung, Chuck D of Public Enemy, Rakim, Prince, 2Pac, DJ Kid Hype, Eminem, NWA and all West Coast artists.


In the medical community, the letters DNR mean “do not resuscitate.” But the letters DNR for Inland Empire-based hip-hop duo Def Edge are a far cry from the medical definition. Their interpretation of the acronym is “Diamonds N the Ruff,” which is also the title of the pair’s forthcoming release—something that’ll keep these music masters breathing new recorded life and kickin‘ out fresh live jams, too.

In fact, “Diamonds N the Ruff” was the original name of the former trio, which has since been on a mission to promote versatility and diversity amongst its tracks.

“In these times one can be quickly stereotyped for their music, by their look alone even,” says Boss Rilla. “Being aware of that potential issue, we have broadened our style of music we perform on, creating a sound that can’t be explained as leaning towards a specific hip-hop genre. Our biggest benefit in creating the sound we currently have is our studio sessions. From the start we . . . have just clicked almost immediately from the beats we choose, to strategizing the topic of the track, to the recording and the presentation of the song.”

And it’s that well-developed material Rilla says is “guaranteed to rock your party, bump in the trunk, get you out of your seat making you report to the dance floor, accompanied by catchy hooks and lyrical verses that have you almost immediately attempting to recite and memorize. Our music is ready to be played at any type of event with any type of crowd.”

Def Edge’s already played for a variety of faces via their first West Coast tour this summer. In fact, as Big Lyrx notes, their stage show has been the key component in building its fanbase.

“We believe that regardless of how great the beat of the song is or regardless of how nice the lyrics of the song are, when live on stage, people want to see a show and not see or hear the same they would if they popped in the CD and pressed play,” says Lyrx. “We consistently rehearse to get our show tight and are constantly gaining a stronger chemistry to please the crowd.”

Def Edge at The Vibe, 1805 University Ave., Riverside, (951) 788-0310; Tues, Aug. 9. 9PM. 


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