Red Fist Revolution

By Ashley Bennett

Posted August 25, 2011 in Music


Jana Pitts (vocals); Evan Human (keyboard, vocals); Devanand Bassanoo (lead guitar); Jacob Abernathy (bass , vocals); Ben Stewart (guitar, vocals).


Riverside, Moreno Valley, Beaumont.


The Fall of Goliath (2011).


System of a Down, MUSE, Nine Inch Nails, George Orwell ‘s 1984, The Who, Dr Martin Luther King Jr, Noam Chomsky, Pink Floyd, Aldous Huxley ‘s Brave New World, Linkin Park, Gregory Boyd ‘s Myth of a Christian Nation, Green Day, “the words and actions of Jesus.”


Many bands strive to make a difference in the world through their music no matter how big the struggle or how minimal the odds. The members of Red Fist Revolution take their roles in the band very seriously and strive to inspire others to make a difference as the events of their rock opera unfold. The group is so dedicated that instead of getting interview answers from Ben Stewart, guitar player and vocalist, I received comment from his rock opera character Trooper Chrysalis.

With just a quick visit to its website (and possibly registering your email with the band, which will get you a free track from the newest album) the band’s dedication shows no bounds. There are currently three videos available online which guide the listener into a world where the band is actually a revolutionary group fighting against the enemy through its music. Trooper Chrysalis speaks more about the group’s cause: “They wanted to tell the world that it could be free of the Goliath OverClass, and truly make a fresh new start . . . a brand new day.”

The tracks are all steeped in rock but each song has its own unique sound and presentation in metal themes as well. Some tracks are slower, others upbeat, but all contribute to the storyline’s overall progression.

Outside of each member’s own Trooper aliases, the group dedicates its time to the community. At the upcoming show at Maverick’s Stadium, Red Fist Revolution will be teaming with Lift Up America, a charity group that distributes many needed goods and services to local foster children, children of incarcerated parents and other nonprofit groups. According to the “Red Fist Manifesto” this band believes in action both in reality and in the rock opera. “We believe in clothing the naked, feeding the hungry, healing the sick, rehabilitating the lawless, visiting the imprisoned and welcoming the alien and stranger,” says Trooper Chrysalis.

Parting words from the revolutionist Trooper Chrysalis inspires all listeners, both those who believe in the theme of change and reformation as well as those just looking for an interesting new way to listen to music: “It takes the Internet, the stage and the action of people ready to make change happen . . . it takes a Revolution!”

Red Fist Revolution at the High Desert Mavericks Stadium, 12000 Stadium Rd., Adelanto, (760) 246-6287. 

Sat, Aug. 27. 5pm.


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