The New Division

By Ashley Bennett

Posted September 1, 2011 in Music


John Kunkel (vocals); Brock Woolsey (guitar); Janzie (synths/live programming); Mark Michalski (Synths).


Moreno Valley, Riverside, Rowland Heights.


The Rookie (2011).


New Order, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Tears for Fears, Cut Copy, Nostalgia, the sea, and “nights out with friends.”


It takes time and progress in the right direction to create a band with the chemistry and know-how to pull off successful electronic tunes. Fortunately, The New Division has all of these traits to triumph over the IE with a tidal wave of new wave and epic electronic songs destined for greatness.

Like any neighborhood band, The New Division has found success and a dedicated fan base in their area: good ol’ Riverside. “Riverside has been very rewarding and welcoming towards our music,” says Kunkel about the band’s genre, “As for a scene, its constantly evolving. I’d say when we first started it was dominated by hardcore and screamo bands, but more recently it’s shifted a bit towards indie/folk rock and electronic acts.”

It’s true, The New Division’s popularity as an electronic band can attest to the always growing tastes of the people. The band’s upcoming show in a few weeks at the San Diego Music Thing—a two-day music conference gathering over 150 local, regional and national bands performing at 14 venues around San Diego—can confirm the wide acceptance of many genres that weren’t so popular once upon a time. “This will be our first show out there, and we know we have a lot of diehard fans that have been wanting us to come out for a while.” Thanks to their Facebook page, which features a ton of The New Division’s songs available to stream, expanding your horizon and exploring this fresh new group is easy.

Just last month the band released a new single entitled “Opium,” (also available online) but that isn’t the only new project in the making. A new album is being released later this month (slated for Sept. 27), entitled Shadows. “The songs deal with a lot of dark and happy themes, sort of a mix between the two,” says Kunkel who is producing the album himself through his own label, Division 87.

With a new album, two new videos and a new single on the way as well as a growing fan base and a few talented people helping promote and create for the band, The New Division is on its way up. But don’t forget, they started here in the IE first!

San Diego Music Thing  w/The New Division at The Soda Bar, 3615 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, (619) 381-8789; Fri, Sept.  9.  9:30pm.


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