Geico AMA Endurocross

By: Andy Cheng

Posted September 15, 2011 in
Sat, Sept. 17

Big wheels keep on turning, even after a cyclist eats the dreadful dirt of a motocross tournament. While crashes are exhilarating to watch, most people just enjoy the spectacle of daredevils flying over ramps on roaring two-wheelers, knowing the dangers of the impending 20-foot plunge. That’s the intensity of events within the American Motorcyclist Association’s Endurocross, which is making a stop in Ontario as part of its 2011 Championship Series. Originating in 2000, the indoor event features obstacles like fallen trees, large rocks, mud and obstacles typically found in off-road riding (will there be cacti?), which really justifies the endurance portion of its name. As racers compete for the title of AMA Grand Champions, they’ll perform a number of death-defying theatrics that will make you think, I hope he face-plants this one (ignore the sadism).

Geico AMA Endurocross at Citizens Bank Arena, 4000 E. Ontario Center Pwky., Ontario, (909) 244-5500; 6:30PM. $20-$30.


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