TransWorld SLAM Festival

By: Andy Cheng

Posted September 22, 2011 in
Sat, Oct. 1

There is much appeal in the motocross sport in American subculture: the vrooming of petite yet fierce engines, the daring acrobatic riders soaring over daunting ramps, the extensive collection of failed motorcycle tricks on With the Inland Empire’s high appreciation for motocross, Milestone Ranch will be hosting this motocross themed festival complete with family-friendly activities. This year’s activities will include open track riding, freestyle demos, a modeling competition and kids’ learn-to-ride areas. In addition to the festivities, the event will sponsor a professional race, where the winner will be deemed the 2011 SLAM Champion and take the TransWorld SLAM belt. So, bring your kids and expose them to the world of daredevil-ish, heavy-duty, dirt road motorcycle racing. He’s been riding that tricycle for way too long; make him a big boy.

TransWorld SLAM Festival at Milestone Ranch MX Park, 12685 Holly St., Riverside, (951) 686-4669;


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