Not Just Any Pub

By Ashley Bennett

Posted October 26, 2011 in Eats

If you’ve ever heard those clever little five-lined poems that have a similar rhyming scheme akin to “There once was a man from Nantucket” then you know already know what a limerick is. However funny and clever these rhymes may often be, you definitely don’t need to be a limerick pro in order to enjoy Upland’s newest pub, Limericks Tavern. What you should know is that Limericks is your go-to place to enjoy all of the best sports games and is by far the best place to grab on some quality food.

Limericks lies in a small space next door to a Stater Bros. But you should definitely give Limericks the benefit of the doubt. Not only is the place new (the banner outside has yet to be updated to a bright neon light to mark its presence) but when you walk inside I guarantee your impression will immediately change. Calming wooden decor and tiny chandeliers add the cozy experience of some far off secluded but personable pub in Europe. Of course, the 15 TVs playing American-based sports will remind you that you won’t have to travel far for a good time or good food. What I found most pleasing was that unlike your average pub atmosphere (which is notoriously noisy), Limericks did not have an overpowering sound of music in the background. In fact, I’d say that this place is especially perfect for all sorts of people, including those who would like to talk without straining their voice. This also gave me the means to speak with our waitress Krystal; Kevin, the working manager at the time; and Chef John—all of whom were very helpful and eager to please.

First on the appetizer menu was the Irish Nachos which seemed like an interesting appetizer and apparently a very popular choice. Large, thin potato slices were each presented with a few layers of cheese and topped with fresh scallions and bits of chopped corned beef and bacon goodness. To finish off the snack, sour cream was lightly drizzled with just the right amount to make the dish especially attractive.

If you’re into the thick, filling and messy sandwiches then you’ll want to try the sandwich from BBQ heaven. The innards of my BBQ Pork Sandwich were over an inch thick with hot and sweetly lathered pork bits. Words cannot describe the craving I’ve had for pork slowly braised in candy like sweetness of BBQ sauce, stuffed to the brim onto a simple brioche bun.

Unlike some restaurants whose thick fries often come out of the oven lacking a certain necessary crunch Limericks is doing something right with its Garlic Fries. I was pleasantly surprised to find that these fries were so perfectly crunchy despite thickness and size. Topped with salt and of course some mild amounts of garlic, these fries somehow tasted sweet. I don’t know how they did it, but it was delicious.

My dining partner decided to go for a much less messy but still altogether delicately crunchy meal: the Beer Battered Fish Sandwich. The cod was a golden and crunchy brown gently placed between two soft buns, complimented with a few toppings for flavor and a bit of tartar sauce for zing. If you’re a pub-hopper who loves fish and chips then you’ll love this rendition of classic cod. This is also served with a side of tasty garlic fries but note that you can also order your fries in regular or sweet potato form, all of which are bound to be a tasty treat.

As a third option we tried a little something that was recommended as the chef’s favorite dish: the half Smoked Apple Cider Roasted Chicken. Lying upon a base of creamy mashed potatoes and underlying spinach was a delicately cooked and tender chicken. The exterior was juicy with credit given to the light apple-onion chutney, fulfilling a both sweet and sour category that chutney often provides. The inside of this treat was soft chicken, fairly easily pulled off the bone.

There is plenty of food that a pub-goer might already be familiar with on Limericks menu, but this tavern also offers a few unique approaches to the English-influenced style of food. The place is still new, the interior pristine, the TVs all in working order; all it needs is your own desiring appetite.

Limericks Tavern, 1234 W. Foothill Blvd., Upland, (909) 920-5630; Mon-Thurs, 11AM-11PM. Fri, 11AM-1AM. Sat, 8AM-1AM. Sun 8AM-11PM. AE, D, MC, V.


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