By Ashley Bennett

Posted October 26, 2011 in Music


Chris (guitar, vocals); Steph (guitar, vocals); Mark (bass); Danny (drums).




This is When Music Found Me, (to be relieased Nov. 1).


Killswitch Engage, Miss May I, August Burns Red, Misery Signals. Blink182, New Found Glory, The Devil Wears Prada, As I Lay Dying and “anything that is interesting or abstract,” says Steph.


Think about this for a second: what do bands play for? There’s definitely a large part of passion included in every answer when a band responds to this question but ultimately it’s to share music with like minded audiences. Anthis loves to play so long as the audience has good time.

Guitar and vocalist Steph shares that she’s a big Greek mythology buff and the name Anthis strikes her both as a Greek infused name as well as a name with no meaning at all. “I just wanted to have a name with no meaning so that when people listen to our music they could create their own meaning,” says Steph. “I wanted to be able to allow people to think of us how they will and to make the songs into what they feel.”

The metal and hardcore is sometimes taken to be a serious genre but for Anthis it’s just all about having fun. “We move around a lot because it’s fun and we like to put on a good show,” says Steph. “If you come to our show we make it worth it and if you happen to not like the music then at least you can laugh at how funny we look. It’s fun for us so it’s win/win.” Bass guitarist Mark on the other hand puts it simply, “Our shows are basically as follows: A lot of stage energy with people banging their heads to it.”

Back in the band’s early days Anthis was good before even the members knew it. Once upon a time at Club 109, the band members weren’t too sure about their performance. “Things fell apart during our set: we fell off time, we had trouble hearing each other, and all in all we felt like it was our worst show ever,” recalls Chris. “After all was said and done, we were passed on to the finals! This absolutely blew my mind.”

Alongside a self-produced and self-released album soon to come out on iTunes and a drummer who will soon be serving our country in the Navy (psst: they’re looking for a new and cool individual to fill that position,) Anthis has some major plans for the future.

Anthis at the Shamrock’s Grill & Pub, 4020 Chino Hills Pkwy., Chino Hills, (909) 597-8333; Sat, Oct. 29.


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