The Armiger

By Ashley Bennett

Posted October 21, 2011 in Music


Wes Bracamontes (vocals); Shay Sawyer (drums); David Willie (guitar); Ryan Linden (guitar); Mikey Breitenstein (bass).


Chino Hills, Corona and Ontario.


Second Sight (2011).


Mastodon, Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Black Label Society, Pantera, John Muir, Boston and Nirvana.


Every band wants to be different; to stand out in the sea of thriving youngsters, musical prodigies and teen bands. When everyone wants to be on top, how does one band differ from the next? With a hybrid genre concerning both metal and rock you might find that The Armiger takes direct action to take up arms. No, not weaponry (although its mission for every gig is to “melt faces”), but that of the musical sort, resulting in a style that is just the right amount of change you’ve been looking for.

Change is essential to the growth and birth of new music combinations. For The Armiger it’s a hybrid of metal, hardcore alternative and rock that give the band a unique edge over the bands that share the same genre. David Willie, one of the band’s guitarists, looks at every performance as a chance to give people a taste of what The Armiger has to offer.

“We never really know what to expect with our shows, being a new band, each particular venue is a new opportunity for us to spread our music and give people something new to experience within our genre,” says Willie.

On the other hand, Shay Sawyer agrees that making every show an outstanding one is also one of the main goals.

“We like to put our all into shows, bringing a high level of energy to the stage. We’ll go out of our way to make a spectacle of ourselves,” says Sawyer.

There are a few counties in the IE where metal may not be the music of choice (I mean, every area has its scene). Wes Bracamontes is ready to seek out venues that respect the newest originations in genre and sound.

“Sad to say the scene for our style of music isn’t a big one in our city,” he says. “With the era of music we’re in now we hope to bring metal back to the forefront of things. I think the times are right for some change.”

That time seems to be rapidly approaching considering how many bands are beginning to push the boundaries that separate one type of musical genre from another.

The Armiger at the Lounge Bar, 1125 W. 6th St., Corona, (951) 808-9122; Fri, Oct. 21. 8PM. 21+.


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