The Calicos

By Ashley Bennett

Posted October 6, 2011 in Music


Garyadam Neuharth (vocals, guitar); Shaina Turian (vocals, keyboard, guitar); Ry Sarmiento (drums, percussion).




Two Year Diary (2011).


Lots of coffee, female vocalists of the ‘90s, cowboy boots, sunlight, glitter, loudness, Elliot Smith, John Lennon, sparkling Vox tones, overdrive, Arrested Development, Cowboy Bebop, Tex-Mex, Harold and Maude and Zach Hill.


Whether members of The Calicos are practicing together or just hanging out playing Robot Unicorn Attack (the band’s favorite game), it’s easy to spot a group like this that is so close together in bond, you might swear they’re siblings. In this case, these musicians are not related but they have a likeable sense of the comfort with one another that shines through their music.

As for origins, it all began with Meatball: “Shaina’s cat Meatball walked on our front porch. Meatball is a calico cat,” says Ry Sarmiento. Thank goodness this group didn’t call themselves The Meatballs, but either choice in band name openly expresses its easy-going nature.

The Calicos have a lot in store for audiences, including an upcoming gig which will feature a charity art show prior to the concert. “We’re playing with a few friends’ bands. It should be really sweaty and really, really fun,” says Shaina Turian. If the members aren’t sweating then they aren’t giving it 110 percent, right?

You’re guaranteed good tunes from this group but the average performance might be a mystery even after you’ve heard how The Calicos describe one: “Picture a space shuttle taking off and then think the opposite,” says Garyadam Neuharth. “It’s nothing like any of that.” Turian on the other hand says, “I dance around a little and smash my fingers on the keyboard and then Ry eats a massive bag of chips and kills everyone with his awesome drum skills.”

You can hear the raw mashing of pretty decent tunes on the group’s album which is available for free on its website.

The Calicos intend to branch out in the next few months. “[We want to] try to play as many shows as possible and tour! We applied for SXSW so basically I’m going to sit and gnaw my fingernails until we get a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer,” says Turian. (Ashley Bennett)

The Calicos w/Do It Live, Shut Eye, Michael Rey and the Woebegone’s at Redlands Underground, 19 E. Citrus Ave., Ste. 103, Redlands,  (909) 798-1500; 21+. Fri, Oct. 7. Art show begins at 5PM. Concert at 10PM. 


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