Sound Preservation Society

By Ashley Bennett

Posted November 17, 2011 in Music

MEMBERS: Rikki Sterling (lead guitar/ backing vocals); R.T. Chokes  (drums/backing vocals); Kory Mosteller, (bass/backing vocals); Justin Lee Fox (lead vocals/rhythm guitar).


Redlands, San Bernardino and Riverside.


Sex Sells But It Doesn’t Pay The Bills (to be released Dec. 3).


Dave Grohl, Nick Knocks, Henry Drumdini, Iggy Pop, Ian Curtis, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Jameson Whiskey, “Nick Cave and Gary Oldman as Beethoven.  I still wanna smash a hotel room up dressed as the composer,” says Fox; and “pretty girls,” says Mosteller.


When you want to go swimming you don’t slowly wade into the water to test it, you just go for it. Since 2010, Sound Preservation Society has been jumping head on into the swimming pool of punk rock, emerging each time with electric and dynamic songs.

Before Sound Preservation Society there was Pigeye Jackson, the original band of Kory Mosteller who is the current bass and backing vocalist. It wasn’t until the addition of lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Justin Lee Fox that these tunes began to roll out. In short, the effect was immediate, “When we first played those few songs together it was like we had been jamming with one another for six months,” says Mosteller. After playing with a number of lead guitarists, Rikki Sterling came into the picture followed by drummer R.T. Chokes.

Which leads us to the here and now; Sound Preservation Society is prepared to perform a few dynamic rock/punk tunes from its soon to be released album Sex Sells (But It Doesn’t Pay The Bills) at its upcoming show “Pandemonium! Like wild monkeys loose in a gun store. We are just a high energy band,” says Fox “You come to see a show and with us you get exactly that.” For the upcoming Mission Tobacco Lounge gig, R.T. Chokes predicts: “It’s gonna be like an atom bomb exploding in a microwave.” Indeed!

Speaking of explosions, there was a time when Sound Preservation Society was playing at a “rich guy’s” pool party. Out of nowhere a full-out brawl began, followed by Mosteller yelling “BATMAN!” which lead to a 10 minute impromptu song of the ’60s theme song for the old-school Batman TV show complete with background yells of “pow,” “bang,” “boom” and “kick.” Needless to say, the musical narration created an extremely entertaining way to watch a fight.

“We all love playing music as much as the next band and we would like to hook up with others who share our passion. In the ’70s during the punk movement, all the bands covered each other’s songs and helped one another out with shows and promotions,” Fox comments. “I’d like to see that happen again: bands working with one another not against.”

Sound Preservation Society at Mission Tobacco Lounge’s “The Revolt” Art and Music Showcase, 3630 University Ave., Riverside, (951) 682-4427; Sat, Nov. 19. 7PM. 


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