Sunset Pilgrims

By Ashley Bennett

Posted November 23, 2011 in Music


Jake Tittle (lead vocals, acoustic guitar); Zach Esposito (bass guitar); Austin Salinas (lead electric guitar); Mary Ives (vocals, piano); Jake Garcia (electric guitar); Jonathan Ochoa (drums).




The Children Used to Sing EP (Release date: Nov. 26).


“We are musically influenced by Arcade Fire, Mumford & Sons, Death Cab For Cutie and Bombay Bicycle Club,” says Jake Tittle. “We actually got serious about the band after three of us—Austin , Jonny and myself—saw Mumford & Sons about a year ago. We are all Christians, therefore we are influenced by God; history, our friends and life are important influences as well.”


Fate took matters into its own hands when it brought together the presence of a certain Sunset Magazine alongside the viewing of the film Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (2010) to lead singer Jake Tittle and his younger brother, who deemed that the name “Sunset Pilgrims” would make a pretty sweet indie-rock band name.

Tittle met the rest of the Sunset Pilgrims through a variety of outlets: through youth choir, through other friends and many of them attend the same church together. As far as shows go, they’re a pretty tight-knit group.

“We like to have fun when we play and we enjoy it when the audience is having fun too, we like to get into it,” Tittle says. “Also we have a more rock ’n‘ roll sound live, compared to any of our recordings.”

The band’s upcoming performance this Saturday is a monumental gig considering that Sunset Pilgrims will be releasing its new EP.

“I expect a good show,” Tittle says. “We are pumped about our new EP, and I’m sure that will come out on the stage. So far, The Wire is our favorite venue to play and we always have a really good time there. I’m hoping a lot of friends and people we have never met come out and that they all have a really good time.”

No doubt that Sunset Pilgrims will have a successful show, especially considering that the band played at The Wire just last month which according to Tittle, turned out to be one of its best performances yet. “We were opening for an amazing band called Colour Revolt,” he says. “The show went really good and there was a good turn out. It was one of those nights when everything was sounding great and we were all really stoked with our performance.”

With the holidays and the end of the calendar coming, Tittle is ready for the new year. “We have high hopes for this year and the next. We are planning to start recording an LP soon and we hope to have that done sometime next year. We also are hoping to do a small tour next summer. Beyond that we hope to get our music out to the world.”

Sunset Pilgrims w/Taylor Collins, He Said, She Says and Lunar Daze at The Wire, 247 N. 2nd Ave., Upland, (909) 985-9466; Sat, Nov. 26. 7PM. $10. 


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