7 Day Stretch

Posted November 10, 2011 in The 7 Day Stretch

Thurs /11/10


There was drama in 1692 just as much as there is now in 2011 with Jersey Shore (we don’t judge if you watch it— that’s your thing) but maybe you should check out the drama of The Crucible for a bit of originality and substance. This play features a sex scandal and rumors of young girls practicing witchcraft in a 17th century Puritan town during the era of the Salem Witch Trials.

Opens Thurs, Nov. 10. $15. Esplanade Arts Center, 2181 W. Esplanade Ave., San Jacinto, (951) 600-7273; www.inlandstage.org.

Fri /11/11


Who cares if you don’t get the name of this band; because this Ska/punk group (native to Riverside) has been popular and playing since 1993. Soon the band will be rockin‘ out as only it knows how, with old tunes from last decade to the newest in the group’s 2011 album Southern California Street Music. Plus it’s taking place at a pizza and beer joint. What’s better than tasty pizza, a mug of beer and awesome music? Nothing.

Fri, Nov. 11. 6:30PM. $15. Big Cheese Pizza Co. & Brewery, 3397 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, (951) 784-0555; www.voodooglowskulls.com; www.thebigcheesepizzayucaipa.com.

Sat /11/12


When it comes to art some people would rather own the art and look at it all day rather than pay to see it once. No longer shall you suffer from a blank wall spot because this event will truly be “Off the Wall.” See a piece of art you like (specifically many uniquely designed shoes), check the price for affordability and it’s yours. It may be a tough economy but that empty wall can be rockin‘ some new kicks that are literally one of a kind.

Sat, Nov. 12. 10AM. Riverside Art Museum, 3425 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, (951) 684-7332; www.riversideartmuseum.org/events/off-the-wall-2011.

Sun /11/13


End the week of all those crazy post-Halloween parties to just take a sit and listen to John Adam’s composition of an Indian tale of a prince and a girl named Kumudha who has the ability to transform into a flowering tree. This less than mainstream tale, narrated by the well-trained voices of the Riverside Lyric Opera, will provide the new story and experience you’ve been looking for.

Sun, Nov. 13. 8PM. $50-$150. Barbara and Art Culver Center of the Arts, 3834 Main St., Riverside. (951) 827-3755; www.culvercenter.ucr.edu.

Mon /11/14


This is the last week to view the stripped-to-necessity works of artist Lola del Fresno. Her pieces feature the basic outline of people, animals and nature as subjects; the view of which these subjects become pure and central to the image. Really, if you want to see some amazing back-to-basics paintings then give Del Fresno’s work a glance. You’ll be glad you did.

Mon, Nov. 14. 10AM. Mount San Jacinto College, 1499 N. State St., San Jacinto, (951) 487-3585;  HYPERLINK “http://www.msjc.edu/artgallery” www.msjc.edu/artgallery.

Tues /11/15


Combined visions of both photographer Crystal Yachin Lee and painter Joe Forkan have allowed an exhibit of the skies to open up with landscapes featured here in SoCal to the skies of Ireland. Lee’s photography focuses on the stillness of the moment, a second of harmony caught in an image. Forkan, on the other hand, paints the continual movement of any single environment through the use of light and color.

Tues, Nov. 15. 11AM. Bunny Gunner, 12266 W. 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 868-2808; www.bunnygunner.com.

Wed /11/16


Critically acclaimed choreographer Stephen Petronio’s UNDERLAND is not like any other dance piece you’ve seen. Both sexy and strange, UNDERLAND unites post-apocalyptic vibes with that of the dark and eclectic songs of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. One minute dancers are fiercely hurling through the air, the next they are emotionally lyrical, creating an outlaw world that is UNDERLAND.

Wed, Nov. 16. 8PM. $15-$30. Stephen Petronio’s UNDERLAND at University Theatre in UC Riverside, 900 University Ave., Riverside, (951) 827-4331; www.culturalevents.ucr.edu


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