The 7 Day Stretch

Posted November 3, 2011 in The 7 Day Stretch

Thurs /11/3


Much unlike the cushy lives of a house cat, alley cats have got it rough and in CATS they’ve learned to live with each other as unrelated family. CATS features a large group of alley cats in this musical and choreographed stage production, each feline complete with their own unique personalities. Enjoy your dinner while watching this show but beware: some of those kitties might try to sneak a snack from your plate.

Thurs, Nov. 3. 6PM. $54-$68. Candlelight Pavilion Dinner Theatre, 455 W. Foothill Blvd., Claremont, (909) 626-1254; 

Fri /11/4


You may know the My Fair Lady  version complete with “Wouldn’t it be loverly,” but it’s lovely to know that Pygmalion is a new adaptation roughly based on the original, non-musical story of the same name. Only this time it takes place in the 1940s in Richmond, Virginia instead of England featuring Henry Higgins (a phonetics professor) must succeed in teaching Eliza Doolittle (a lower-class girl with a terrible accent) to speak properly.

Sat, Nov. 5. Heartland Players Theatre Co., 33993 Avenue. E., Yucaipa, (909) 556-4092;

Sat /11/5


Those tight-costume wearing Aquabats are back to rock The Glass House as superheroes who will save it from the evils of the world (through music). You can’t go wrong with pseudonyms like the MC Bat Commander or Eagle Bones Falconhawk! Join the fight for good with some silly but catchy ska-rock with songs like “Pizza Day” and “Pool Party” that will definitely send those evil guys packing.

Sat, Nov. 5. 7PM. $20. The Glass House, 200 W. Second St., Pomona, (909) 865-3802;

Sun /11/6


Ever since 1994 the art of Riverdance has been wowing audiences with those catchy Irish tunes and impossibly quick leg movements. This isn’t your grandma’s clogging session; Riverdance requires some pretty strong leg work. So when you see completely synchronized leg movements while the rest of these performers’ bodies stay still, you have to hand it to them: they do their job well.

Sun, Nov. 6. 7PM.  $38.50-$77.50. California Theatre of the Performing Arts, 562 W. 4th St., San Bernardino, (909) 885-5152;


Mon /11/7


The Mona Lisa is the perfect example of a single portrait that has many different meanings and expressions. In Revealing Character you may not see that famous smiling woman but there is over 400 years of portraits on display each with their own individual style and message. From the earliest dating back to 1617 to the most recent of 2008, a multitude of portraits await your interpretation from the RAM permanent collection.

Mon, Nov. 7. 10AM. $8. Riverside Art Museum, 3425 Mission Inn Ave., Riverside, (951) 684-7111;

Tues /11/8


Feel the playful chill of winter that California hardly ever sees by enjoying a good old-fashioned hockey game where this time around the home team is playing against the Bakersfield Condors. Are you a sports fan in the mood for something different—and sick and tired of the NBA lockout? Or are you just an unabashed diehard hockey nut? Be here.

Tues, Nov. 8. 7PM. $10-$50. Citizens Bank Business Arena, 4000 E. Ontario Center Pkwy., Ontario, (909) 624-1681;

Wed /11/9


The spirit of ska lives on in bands that never received the memo that Jamaica moved on to reggae. Yet, it still harbors a cult following, as shown by this event at The Barn, which has been host to famous ska artists like No Doubt in the past. The Ska Parade will feature a number of bands growing in the ska scene, including Rude Boys Outta Jail, a cover band from Los Angeles that pays tribute to different ska artists of the “2 Tone” era like The Specials and Madness Specials and Madness.

Wed, Nov. 9. 8:30PM. $5 for students, $15 for non-students. Ska Parade at The Barn at UCR, 900 University Ave., Riverside, (951) 827-2276;


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