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By Ashley Bennett

Posted December 29, 2011 in Eats

Chuck-E-Cheese is one of the last kid-based celebration venues around, but when it comes to the kids, do you honestly want to go there? No. No one does. But fear not for there’s a new restaurant in town that’s well-known for its atmosphere and food for both kids and adults. Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor is slowly returning from the recesses of your mind as a great place to celebrate, eat and be merry. You will never suffer an outage of fresh ice cream ever again.

The theme of the place revolves around celebration. Got a birthday? Anniversary? Lost a tooth? Who cares why you’re there, Farrell’s will blow up an elaborate balloon animal hat and announce your event to everyone inside (in quite the unconventional, embarrassing way). You won’t receive a simple happy birthday song either—oh no, you won’t get off that easy. Every time an event is being featured, a loud fire-engine type siren roars to gain the attention of other guests. Then you get a full-out Farrell’s jingle in the forms of many songs like The Addam’s Family theme song and the Oompa Loompa tune; all of which bring you back to a time of simplicity of entertainment. The only thing that can damper your enjoyment is this very noise level. Early in the evening the place was packed and every five minutes another celebration was announced and sung. (It didn’t get old because it’s fun to laugh and gawk at whoever is getting the special treatment), but you’ve been warned: you might want to bring your outside voice.

Enough atmosphere—let’s talk about taste. Try beginning your meal with a messy dish like the Chili Cheese Fries. These classic waffle fries are covered with deliciously steamy-hot chili and oozing melted cheese. Simple yet oh-so satisfying, especially if you wait a while before being seated. The best part is that you know you’ll never escape this pre-meal pleaser without getting some chili all over your face.

The main menu is divided into either a sandwich or burger dish (with a few salads for those who are trying to keep trim . . . but really? Leave that type of thinking outside). On the sandwich side, one title stood out from the rest: the Gastronomicaldelicatessenpicurean’s Delight. That’s right—all one ridiculously long word worthy of describing it’s many meaty innards. This Gastro for short contains masses of corned beef, ham, and roasted turkey breast all complimented with the subtle flavor of Swiss cheese and natural condiments topped with a ton of Italian dressing all compactly placed on a roll. Sided with fries of your choice, the Gastro isn’t at all as large or fattening as it sounds. For one person it’s plenty of food and not overfilling by any means.

On the other side of the menu is the Laredo Burger. Ordered as a single or double stack, one or two juicy patties are separated by layers of pepper jack cheese. Don’t mistake this baby with any other burgers you’ve had because the added roasted Anaheim chilies and chipotle sauce give it a bit of Texan kick. This burger is a mouthful but worth the extra pounds you’ll put on afterwards. This is only a taste of other creative dishes Farrell’s has in store for you. Imagine what the Talk of the Town or Homeruns burgers might contain!

The menu is massive but the dessert portion will force you to make a decision between your absolute favorite treats. From the challenge desserts like the well-known Gibson Girl and Pig’s Trough to simple sundaes and shakes, there’s something sweet for everyone. I was already pretty full from my Gastro so I decided to go with a simple chocolate and vanilla based fudge sundae called the Black and White. Fluffy whipped cream topped with nuts lightly decorated two hidden scoops of creamy, fresh ice cream: a satisfying end to a fun-filled meal worthy of being revisited.

This restaurant is less than a month old and lately it’s seen large crowds from popularity often resulting in extensive line waits. Believe me it’s all worth the wait for a satisfying meal and a bird-cage balloon hat but plan ahead if you can. This place is loud, active but most of all, fun for everyone.

Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor, 10742 Foothill Blvd., Rancho Cucamonga, (909) 989-8777; Sun-Thurs, 11AM-10PM; Fri-Sat, 11AM-11PM. AE, D, MC, V.


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