Floodlight City

By Ashley Bennett

Posted December 29, 2011 in Music


Brian Cowan (bass); Eric Espinoza (drums); Austin Ott (guitar, vocals).


Alta Loma.


“We’ve been releasing small untitled EPs throughout our existence starting in summer 2010.”


The Killers, Mute Math, The Venus, The Pixies, The Airborne Toxic Event, Kings of Leon and Explosions in the Sky.



Don’t you just love those humble bands that don’t flaunt its music and just inspire others to join in on the listening pleasure? Well Floodlight City is here to prove that it’s all about sharing the music, not fame.

“Honest. We’re not trying to fool anyone by saying we’re rock stars or something. We’re just boring music lovers,” says drummer Eric Espinoza. Humble? Yes. Boring? No way. “The songs we play live are stories that we have experienced or felt that we think are worth sharing, and we just want to take everyone and show them.”

In Alta Loma there isn’t much of a scene according to Brian Cowan (except a large population of elderly people). So Floodlight City uniquely remains uninfluenced by the surrounding scene of up-and-coming bands, leading to a few tunes here and there that make them unique to all the rest. “We all grew up in the jazz bands which gave us individual skills for creating music,” explains Austin Ott. “Other than that, the best part of growing together in Alta Loma is that there really is no scene. So, we have the ability to experiment and do our own thing without having to worry about being acceptable.”

The group is definitely not concerned with where it plays or who it plays for even when its expected a moment akin to the movies at a recent show: where a record scratches to a halt, a bunch of bikers look up towards those who don’t belong with disapproving, intimidating eyes. “We all figured we’d get boo’ed off of a stage for being so unlike the rest but we bit the bullet and got up there and played our hearts out. Things went great! We actually gained a few fans that night and made some rad friends. From scared to chill in like 30 seconds,” says Eric Espinoza.

Meanwhile these experimental sounds are fuel to a fire of creating a few EPs. “We just feel like we’re going to wait to record a full length until we can do it right, in a studio, professionally,” says Cowan. “That said it’ll probably be pretty great since we’ve had so much time, and we’re starting to figure out what type of music we’re supposed to be writing.”

Floodlight City at Aladdin Jr. 2, 296 W. 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 623-4333; www.aladdinjrrestaurant2.com. Fri, Dec. 30.


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