Grieve for Tomorrow

By Ashley Bennett

Posted December 1, 2011 in Music

MEMBERS: Trevor Laake “T-Rev” (vocals); Greg Steward “Greg Grieves” (guitar, vocals); Daniel Steward “Danny T” (bass, vocals); Alex Llanos “Alex Agony” (guitar, vocals).


Moreno Valley, Rancho Cucamonga, La Verne.


Beauty Is Deceiving (2011).


Avenged Sevenfold, Papa Roach, A Day to Remember, Green Day, Killswitch Engage, Jazz, Trivium  Flea, Adam Dukiewitz, Zacky Vengence, Syn Gates, Adam Lambert and Freddy Mercury.

WEBSITES:; www.Facebook/com/Grieve4Tomorrow;;

So a year from now the world is supposed to end, right? If you’re one of the people who is expecting this then you should “grieve for tomorrow” by rockin‘ out today! I know, it’s a terrible pun, but truthfully if you take the old saying “live every day like it’s your last” to heart like these guys do, then you’ll enjoy every bit of alternatively charged, hardcore tunes that Grieve for Tomorrow provides.

Band member Alex Agony paints an exciting mental picture, “Grieves and I are always running around on stage doing a bunch random things in sync like jumping off stage and moshing with the fans. T-Rev is always up in your face and Danny T is always keeping the rhythm going and heading banging nonstop.”

Despite the band’s obvious passion, Greg Grieves realizes that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for bands to become popular in the IE. “The Inland Empire’s music scene is dying. I think we need to have a huge show with the best IE bands or have some of the radio stations give us a chance and make a change in their daily band list,” says Grieves. “It’s sad to see because there are a Hell of a lot of talented groups we play with and they blow away those LA/OC groups.”

Grieve for Tomorrow is definitely one of those bands but if you don’t believe me, ask the fans. Agony recalls a show at McAllan’s Pub and Grill a few months back, expecting a terrible turnout. “We played second and expected nobody to enjoy us, and when we finally played everyone went nuts!” In T-Rev’s mind it was a Barstow show from last year where over 100 audience members were chanting the band’s name “G4T!”

So, as Grieve for Tomorrow heads for the new year with its recently released album Beauty is Deceiving (Nov. 2011) the band will certainly be kept on the frontline of IE music complete with upcoming music videos, new tours and much more. Even more exciting is the fact not only can you find the band’s songs on iTunes, Amazon, Zune and Napster, according to Danny T, the band’s song “Beauty is Deceiving” is a playable song on Rock Band!

Grieve for Tomorrow at Friar Tuck’s Bar & Grille, 540 E. Foothill Blvd., Pomona, (909) 625-7265. Fri, Dec. 2. 9pm.

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    Saw your show last night at Anaheim HoB…. It was a Great set! We really enjoyed it.
    We had wanted to buy some of your merchandise, but you were already packed up before the end of the show. Can you let me know the site for merchandise? Thanx! Paula

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