Throw the Goat

By: Ashley Bennett

Posted December 22, 2011 in Music


Michael “Barba Rojo” Schnalzer (lead vocals, bass); Brian “Puke” Parnell (lead guitar, backing vocals); Johnny “Trash” Wilson (rhythm guitar, backing vocals); Tim “Beats McGee” Olivier (drums).




Demo Primero, Regurgitation Records (2011).


QOTSA, The Bronx, Fugazi, Pantera, Misfits, Nirvana, The Distillers, Pearl Jam, Mastodon and Meatloaf.


You may have heard of bands like Limp Bizkit, The Rolling Stones and even Hoobastank: all of which have weird band names when you think about it. Just when you thought you came across the weirdest one, punk/rock and metal band Throw the Goat appears to prove that like many bands before it, a memorable name makes for a memorable band.

Idyllwild, an area that is not considered to be popular for band growth, was the meeting grounds for Throw the Goat. When playing its first session as a group, Mike, a.k.a. “Barba Rojo,” realized that the group has potential, “It was just one of those moments that clicked,” he says. “This is the band we’ve all wanted to be in for the past decade.”

It took about two months for Throw the Goat to come up with its name. The band even began booking shows without a name at all. It was during a hardcore “jibber-jabber name” session, where the band members would shout out anything that came to mind, that Throw the Goat became the name with the most potential (and also the only one which all band members agreed on).

Brian, a.k.a. “Puke,” is planning on continuing to please the band’s “tribe of rabid, rock-hungry fans” as well as gain a few new fans at Angelo’s in Pomona as well, “Our live shows are always chaotic and energetic. Our fans are insane! It’s a sweaty, head-bangingly good rock ’n‘ roll time.”

Throw the Goat’s newest album Demo Primero is a self-released album; “DIY” as Brian calls it. Come January (which Mike has deemed the “Year of the Goat”) Throw the Goat will be recording a new demo at the Idyllwild “Goat House” and further on in the year, the band has arranged for plenty of SoCal shows (performing for us “flatlanders”) and even a show down in Costa Rica.

Even though the group has been together for only a short time, Johnny, otherwise known as “Trash,” believes that his band mates are a perfect match. “Throw the Goat is by far the most progressive, heavy, musically talented band I’ve been a part of in my 15-year/six-band career . . . I can actually see a promising future with this one!” (Ashley Bennett)

Throw the Goat at Angelo’s, 135 East 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 629-8100. Thurs, Dec. 22.


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