Klub Kandie Pop Music Festival

By Andy Cheng

Posted December 8, 2011 in

Sat, Dec. 10

I’m not sure what makes this misspelled “club” has in common with the Japanese Harujuku culture, but I can say that as the “music”—the slimy, rave-style music that the youth enjoy so much nowadays—starts seeping out of the metropolises, hundreds of fans will attend music festivals like this. That appears to be the case, as the Klub Kandie Pop Music Festival already has a headcount of over 1,000 fans planning to attend on Facebook. Twenty-six confirmed artists are set to take the stage, including DJ Flo, Jane Bang, Mark_Error, Hypnotika, Soundsex, Super K and other grammatically perturbing artist names. Genres of music range from Electro House to Ghetto Tech, Tech Dance to Dubstep—basically, the sounds of electricity grinding against pots and pans. But ultimately, if it’s what the people want, then they are entitled to enjoying it.

Klub Kandie Pop Music Festival at The Fox Theatre San Bernardino, 399 N. D Street, San Bernardino. 7PM. $30.


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