By Ashley Bennett

Posted January 19, 2012 in Music


Raz (vocals, guitar); Dave (guitar, bass, vocals); Jorge (drums).


Ontario, Rancho Cucamonga, La Puente.


Deadbloom EP (2011).


They as in Them, Moss Youth, Slave, La Bella, Stresscase, Subvert, Buffalo Blackfoot, State Faults, Badblood, Plagues, Silver Snakes, Blac Jesus and the Experimentalist, Residuals, Stripper Pussy and Shut Eye.


As easy as it may seem, many musicians have it rough. Not all bands get an optimistic step forward when they start off. Bands must establish themselves as a decent group, set up performances, grow a fan base and pay fees all on top of making time to create music and lyrics. Ruptures had a rough start in its beginning but with the end of a successful West Coast Tour this month, the group is experiencing everything but failure.

Ruptures began when vocalist Raz was a youngin‘ at 14 years of age. After grouping up with Jorge, the two set out with hope of success, “After a year of playing scattered shows and having several bad recording experiences we came on the verge of dropping the band.” As Ruptures almost ceased to be (ironic seeing that its very name suggest a tearing apart), guitarist Dave was asked to join.

Since the trio came together, creating EPs has been no problem but the band has also decided to combine musical efforts with the group Badblood to create more content alongside its newest EP, Deadbloom. “We’re currently working on another split/collaboration with some friends and we are hoping to release our next full length before summer,” says Raz. This could be the start of a new age of band camaraderie.

With the plethora of musical inspirations being created by Ruptures, it’s the band to see if you’re looking for a hell of a crazy show to check out and a performance that will far surpass a solemn night of lightly sung music. In the past, Raz shares that one of the group’s shows included a bucket of “fake blood.” Don’t worry; it was made of syrup and food coloring which made for a pretty sticky but otherwise memorable night.

Raz asks that you rest assured that you’ll be safe to enjoy any show you attend, “We like to keep our live performances as interesting as our music. We are known for having a high energy show. Our shows may appear ‘violent’ from an outside perspective, but to everyone involved it’s about having a good time.”

Ruptures at Aladdin Jr. 2, 296 W. 2nd St., Pomona, (909) 623-4333; Sun, Jan. 29. 


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