The Brock Party

By Ashley Bennett

Posted January 26, 2012 in Music

MEMBERS: Billy Brock (bass); Andrew Brock (keys, synth); Justin Poole (male lead vox, acoustic guitar); Griffin Boostrom (lead guitar); Chantelle (female lead vox); Andi Guevara (saxophone); Walter Jackson (drums).

CITIES OF ORIGIN: Riverside, Moreno Valley, Corona.

KINDRED SPIRITS: God, Family, Charlie Christian, Dave Matthews, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Joe Sample, Stanley Clarke, John Mayer, Musiq Soulchild, Carter Beauford, Peggy Lee and Michael Buble.


There was once a time when jammin‘ out to old school music like KC and the Sunshine Band or Kool and the Gang on your car stereo (rather that rap, hip-hop or R&B) was the thing to do. So even thought we don’t live in the age of disco and glitter anymore, it never hurts to reinvent a genre. You can enjoy making that comeback with The Brock Party who will rejuvenate your need for jams with an old school feel.

This seven man/woman band is a large group to have on stage, but essential to the sound the band creates, complete with a pro saxophonist and dedicated background singers. Because that’s what it was about back then, creating that catchy song you can dance to and most of all, “High energy,” says bassist Billy Brock (how’s that for some natural alliteration?), “It’s a party on stage. Everyone’s having a good time to good fun-feeling music that you will definitely enjoy no matter what music you like.”

Billboard’s leading 2011 charts doesn’t offer funk at all and lists Tony Bennett and Michael Bublé in the Top Jazz album category so I’d say it’s high time for music to make its annual shift in a new direction starting with The Brock Party’s pop/funk/jazz tunes. Guitarist Griffin Boostrom is optimistic about the band’s views thriving in the area, where the music scene leans more towards rock and metal, “I’ve heard that LA area has gotten pretty stale as far as creativity goes, so we’ve been blessed to be in this area. Because we’re in an area where we can be so eclectic and different we can grow our sound perfectly and then move forward to other areas.”

Maybe that optimism is infectious because saxophonist Andi Guevara also shares this attitude. “The ‘scene’ in our area doesn’t have many bands like us, which we see as an advantage because were able to book venues solely based how different we are,” he says.

The Brock Party is determined to bring its music to as many audiences as possible so it will be playing all over the IE within the next month including Dempsey’s Sports Bar and Grill and CSUSB. There’s plenty of chances to experience The Brock Party and get your groove on.

The Brock Party at Marquee 15, 9022 Pulsar Ct., Ste. H, Corona, (951) 200-4465; Thurs, Feb. 2.


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