By Andy Cheng

Posted January 5, 2012 in

Fri, Jan. 13

You can just assume how frugal a rapper must be by the showcasing of his “bling” and grills and whatnot, and this one is especially unique. Curren$y (my mind feels sore just looking at that orthographic anomaly) is a rapper from New Orleans who’s nine years in the upcoming has brought him quite a formidable fan base. He gained widespread popularity in 2009 due to his collaboration with fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa on the mixtape How Fly, and is currently signed to Warner Bros. Records. He has been collaborating with The Alchemist, and the pair is set to release a second album together titled Re-Conversionalize in April of 2012 (the first being Covert Coup). He will be bringing his economic expertise to the Fox Pomona this week, and by that I mean a giant gold necklace over an oversized T-shirt.

Curren$y live at the Fox Theater Pomona, 301 S. Garey Ave., Pomona, (877) 283-6976; 8PM. $30-$50.


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