Dragon Shepherd

By Ashley Bennett

Posted February 2, 2012 in Music


Spencer Sherman (lead vocals, talk box); Jimmy Warner (bass); Kevin Parra (lead guitar); Mike Valadez (guitar/sampling); Chris Perez (drums).




Dragon Shepherd EP (2012).


“Party in the USA,” Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson, Sleeping Giant, Radiohead, Horse the Band, We Came as Romans, Immortal Technique, Nobuo Uematsu, Kelly Clarkson, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Pink Floyd and anything Motown. “My biggest influence at the moment would be Willow Smith’s “Whip it” says Spencer, not to mention Tim, Eric and sloths.


www.dragonshepherd.bandcamp.com; www.facebook.com/pages/Dragon-Shepherd/127375520664885.

Grab your typical metal band, mix it with the vocals of Dio and a bit of mystical spunk and you get Dragon Shepherd: the next big metal band whose tunes will shake your body to the core and rock your world.

You need not know the history nor the randomized choosing of the band’s name (agreed upon as the most “metal” name ever) when understanding how they came to be. All you really need to know is how bassist Jimmy Warner explains it, “Following the closure of Showcase, Corona’s youth were left with two things to do: Go to church or do drugs. We were forced to resurrect a third option: rock and roll.”

With a comment like that, it’s easy to see that Dragon Shepherd just wants to enjoy the ride and have fun. “We promise our audience a great show while still not taking ourselves too seriously,” says Kevin Parra, “We want people to know what band you came to see. The common listener will either love us or hate us. We thrive on reactions, whether they be positive or negative, they drive us forward.”

Until recently there was a time when band inhabitants from Corona were left with nowhere to play and for our Band of the Week, there were no dragons to shepherd, until Marquee 15 emerged. “The Marquee 15 was built by musicians, for musicians,” says Spencer Sherman, “Local bands will be taken care of just as well as any national act.  It is backed up by great management and staff. On top of being so close to home, the sound system and classy rock and roll vibe it projects is top notch. It really is the only great venue in our area so it will be awesome to see the younger local crowd spread the word.”

Finally the Dragon Shepherd experience comes to fruition and the EP is well on its way. “I am almost done in post production with the mixing and mastering of our self titled EP,” says Mike Valadez, the mastermind behind fine tuning Dragon Shepherd tunes. “It will be online and also available as a hard copy in early March. So far it has been well received and we can’t wait to share it.”

Dragon Shepherd w/No Explanation, Green Monkey at Marquee 15, 9022 Pulsar Ct., Ste. H, Corona, (951) 200-4465; www.marquee15.com. Fri, Feb. 3. 6pm. $10. 


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